Tom Brady's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 11, 2011 at 06:50pm ET

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Here's Tom Brady's complete post game press conference transcript following their win over Washington on Sunday:

On the argument between he and Bill O'Brien.  What precipitated that, and how did it work out?

"I threw a pretty bad interception, so he wasn't happy about it.  There's probably a long line of coaches and players that were pretty pissed at me after that, but   Billy got to me first.  He let me have it, I deserved it."

On what happened on the interception:

"I tried to throw it to Tiquan [Underwood] and the guy made a good play."

On if it's rare that that happens between he and Billy going at eachother:

"We're both pretty emotional guys.  That's what I deserve.  You make bad plays, you're supposed to get yelled at by your coaches.  It's certainly not the first time, and probably won't be the last.  It was just, you can't do it in that situation, and it's just a stupid play by me."

On the fact it looked like the confrontation started at something he screamed in Bill O'Brien's area:

"No, I made a terrible play.  He just wanted to let me to know I made a terrible play.  It's football man.  It's a game of emotion, that's athletics."

On if he was looking to Gronk on the play:

"Yeah, I was looking there, and then was trying to throw it to Tiquan in the back and was trying to get it over Gronk and the two other guys that were on him.  Just put too much air on it and gave the DB a chance to make a play.  Not the ideal time to throw an interception with a seven point lead."

On if Gronk is like that in practice, and if their guys can bring him down:

"He's tough, he's a big guy.  He's a strong runner.  He always seems to make yards after the catch.  There were some great catch and runs that he made today.  He's obviously a huge part of this offense, and it was just  great to see him make plays like that today."

On the fact he was both strong and nimble on that play:

"He's a big guy, and he's tough to bring down.  He's a good route runner, good blocker, smart player, very dependable, very consistent, and he's really been doing it all season.  He needs to continue to do it.  Obviously it was a close game today, and every play that he made really helped us win."

On the second down play that he and Wes Welker missed on:

"We had a few plays where we were close today, especially in the red area.  We probably should have had three other touchdowns as opposed to three field goals.  So you know, when you don't convert in the red area, and we have opportunities, certainly not the plays or anything, it's just really a lack of execution by us players.  We have to do a better job because when the games are tight, a lot of times you look at how well you do in the red area, and we just didn't do a very good job of that today."

On if he thought at some point the game would turn into a track meet:

"We're always trying to score.  We moved the ball pretty well, we just didn't necessarily get it in the endzone when we needed to get in the endzone.  That was probably the frustrating part about today is I think we left a lot of points on the board.  The defense fortunately really finished the game well and made a great play at the end to really save us."

On the interception, what should he have done?

"You try to, it's a ball you've got to throw where if your guy doesn't catch it, then no one catches it.  You look like you have a match-up and if it's not there, you've got to throw it away.  Like I said, I was trying to make a play and coach always says, 'well make good ones then'. It wasn't a good play."

On how far this team is from clicking on all cylinders:

"Well we're capable of putting a lot of putting a lot of good plays together, we just need to do it consistently for sixty minutes.  I think that's what you see out there.  We have opportunities to make plays, and we just, for one reason or another, we're just a little bit off.  We're still working at it.  There's nothing perfect in football, unless you're the Packers."

On the fact 10-3 here compared to other cities seems to be a 'glass half full':

"Well, I think coach has high expectations for us.  He challenges us every week to play better and play more consistently.  At times we do it, and other times we don't.  We're still waiting to put together sixty minutes of football and hopefully we can do it this week in Denver."

On what was going through his head on the Josh Wilson interception late in the fourth quarter:

"It was a bad throw.  I was trying to make a better throw."