Wes Welker's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
November 28, 2011 at 12:23am ET

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Here is Wes Welker's complete postgame press conference transcript:

On how they were able to keep their composure despite being down 10 points:

"I think we have a lot of veteran type guys that understand that it's a long game and you can't really get down.  You can never get too high or too low, and make sure you just keep on fighting.  Even though they're up 10-0 we understand that we put a touchdown on the board, and kind of put the pressure on them a little bit, and then the defense makes a  stop and we're able to put seven more points on the board, and we're putting ourselves in better position.  So I think it's just veteran leadership and guys really stepping up and understanding that we've got to make plays and stay resilient no matter what happens early on in the game."

On the touchdown play where he told Tom before the play about the adjustment he was going to do:

"Yeah.  We ran the same play early on and the safety came down pretty hard, so I told him in the huddle, 'if I see this coverage, I'm going to stutter him and go,' and he was fine with it.  Luckily we got the coverage and we were able to get a touchdown on it."

On his thoughts on Julian Edelman's performance on defense:

"Julian's done a great job filling in where ever the coaches ask, and it's great to have a versatile guy to step up and play defense, or back up on offense, being able to do all those different things, return punts, and play special teams.  It's always the more you can do in the NFL, and he's living proof of that."

On if he's seeing more from Edelman in practice and whether or not he's able to be trusted to step up in big situations:

"Absolutely.  He's a tough player.  He really goes out there and practices hard and plays hard, and is really giving his best all the time and he plays with a lot of energy.  When you do that, usually good things happen."

On if they're doing anything new, or if they're just refining what they're doing:

"We're always trying to refine everything that we do now, and sometimes we try and throw a wrinkle in there every once in a while.  We've gotten to a point where trying to think of something new from where we are is kind of tough.  We're always trying to come up with different techniques of different routes and how we can maybe use a route that we run a lot to help that route out by maybe putting a double move to it or different things like that or things of that nature to make it as complicated as we can for ourselves."

On what clicked after they got down 10-0:

"I think us scoring that first touchdown and moving the ball and understanding what the game was going to be and adjusting the game plan, the coaches did a good job of that, and going a lot of empty and things like that, moving the ball down the field.  After we got that first touchdown, then we got the defense, I believe they got an interception or something like that, and we then were able to make it 14-10 there I think a couple possessions later.  When we did that, it just kind of steamrolled from there and we were able to stay on them.  The defense had a great goal line stand down there once again and it all just kind of came together and we started playing really good complimentary football."

On if they're where they want to be as a team:

"I think we're getting better.  As you go through the year you have new people, new guys, and new things kind of going on, and guys have to come along and play better and step up, and different things like that, and I feel like guys have done that for the most part.  It's just something that we've got to continue to do, and continue to improve, especially late here in the season.  But we've improved a lot since day one, as a lot of teams have."

On Tom Brady being fired up after they had to settle for an early field goal:

"That's Tom.  We want to score touchdowns every time we step out there on the field.  It's not something we want to do.  I had that drop that's inexcusable to move the chains there.  So we just have to stay at it and make sure we're trying to score touchdowns every chance we get."

On if he likes that about Brady:

"Yeah, For sure.  I'd rather have him be that way than, 'Aw shucks', or anything like that.  So it's great to have some fire with your quarterback there."

On having Joselio Hanson covering him:

"Yeah I mean we go way back to Texas Tech.  So we've had a lot of practices together of us going at it all the time."

On if Hanson said anything to him:

"Not till really after the game and stuff.  We didn't really talk.  We were just trying to do our jobs out there on the field.  He's a more quiet, reserved type guy.  Great player, and did a good job."