Here’s the complete transcript of Bill Belichick’s postgame press conference following New England’s loss to the Giants:


“We had our chances we just came up a little bit short. ¬†We just have to keep working here and see if we can play a little better. ¬†The Giants are a good football team, they did a good job, we’ve just got to do a little better than we did.

On if it was the offense that was the problem:

“I mean again, it was a hard fought game, it came down to the last few seconds, we just came up a play or two short, that’s all – across the board.”

On if it was lost in the first half with the offense not executing:

“I don’t know. ¬†I mean we try to go out there and do well every time we go out on the field. ¬† Sometimes it was better than others, we’ve just got to do a little better job.”

What he attributes the offensive turnaround to after his team scored on four straight drives:

“The players. ¬†They did a good job. ¬†We just did better, we didn’t do it, you know, quite enough.”

On the Kyle Arrington Pass Interference Penalty:

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask them about it, they called it. ¬†Yeah, the last two calls were tough.”

On if the fact the 41 combined points scored were just adjustments:

“I don’t know.”

On what the Giants did defensively to slow them down offensively:

“They played some man, they mixed it up. ¬†They played some man, they pressured a little bit, played some zone.”

On if the Pass Interference calls being “tough”, whether they were “tough” because they were questionable or because of their timing in the game:

“I mean all of the above. ¬†There was a lot of yards on those two plays.”

On why Tracey White was in the game instead of Guyton:

“Are you talking about the end of the game?”

Yes, the last couple of drives:

“Yeah, he played a little bit. ¬†You know, ¬†Spikes went out, so that had a little bit to do with it.”

On if he saw anything between the connection between Brady and Ochocinco:

“No. The passes we missed we’ve just got to do a better job on. ¬†We hit some, there were some we didn’t hit. ¬†So the ones we didn’t hit we have to keep working on those. ¬†That included everybody.”

On if there’s anything he can put his finger on as to why it took a while to get into gear offenseively:

“No. ¬†Obviously if we could have made it happen sooner, I mean that’s what we were trying to do. ¬†We did the best we could, it wasn’t quite enough.”

On what they can take away and the adjustments they can make heading into next week’s game against the Jets:

“I don’t know. ¬†I mean we just put everything we had into this game. ¬†The game’s been over for 10 minutes. So we’ll start working on the Jets tomorrow, then work on the Jets all week and get ready for the Jets. ¬†We really haven’t been working on the Jets, we just finished the Giants game.”