Bill Belichick's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
November 06, 2011 at 07:50pm ET

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Here's the complete transcript of Bill Belichick's postgame press conference following New England's loss to the Giants:


"We had our chances we just came up a little bit short.  We just have to keep working here and see if we can play a little better.  The Giants are a good football team, they did a good job, we've just got to do a little better than we did.

On if it was the offense that was the problem:

"I mean again, it was a hard fought game, it came down to the last few seconds, we just came up a play or two short, that's all - across the board."

On if it was lost in the first half with the offense not executing:

"I don't know.  I mean we try to go out there and do well every time we go out on the field.   Sometimes it was better than others, we've just got to do a little better job."

What he attributes the offensive turnaround to after his team scored on four straight drives:

"The players.  They did a good job.  We just did better, we didn't do it, you know, quite enough."

On the Kyle Arrington Pass Interference Penalty:

"I don't know, you'd have to ask them about it, they called it.  Yeah, the last two calls were tough."

On if the fact the 41 combined points scored were just adjustments:

"I don't know."

On what the Giants did defensively to slow them down offensively:

"They played some man, they mixed it up.  They played some man, they pressured a little bit, played some zone."

On if the Pass Interference calls being "tough", whether they were "tough" because they were questionable or because of their timing in the game:

"I mean all of the above.  There was a lot of yards on those two plays."

On why Tracey White was in the game instead of Guyton:

"Are you talking about the end of the game?"

Yes, the last couple of drives:

"Yeah, he played a little bit.  You know,  Spikes went out, so that had a little bit to do with it."

On if he saw anything between the connection between Brady and Ochocinco:

"No. The passes we missed we've just got to do a better job on.  We hit some, there were some we didn't hit.  So the ones we didn't hit we have to keep working on those.  That included everybody."

On if there's anything he can put his finger on as to why it took a while to get into gear offenseively:

"No.  Obviously if we could have made it happen sooner, I mean that's what we were trying to do.  We did the best we could, it wasn't quite enough."

On what they can take away and the adjustments they can make heading into next week's game against the Jets:

"I don't know.  I mean we just put everything we had into this game.  The game's been over for 10 minutes. So we'll start working on the Jets tomorrow, then work on the Jets all week and get ready for the Jets.  We really haven't been working on the Jets, we just finished the Giants game."