BenJarvus Green-Ellis' PostGame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
October 09, 2011 at 11:30pm ET

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Here is BenJarvus Green-Ellis' postgame press conference transcript. NOTE: It appears it was abbreviated as they came back in from commercial late, but here's what was available:

On the significance of running the ball on their final drive and running out the clock, forcing the Jets to use their timeouts:

"When you get in those situations you have to play situational football and obviously you don't want to give them the ball back and give them a chance to go down and score, and we were able to do that tonight so that's always a plus. We had a game where we weren't able to finish with the ball in our hands - I can't remember which game it was this year but we pride ourselves on being able to do that."

On how much of a point of pride it was for him to run out the clock:

"It's always a challenge, and you always want to be able to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park and we were able to do those things. But it's just not an individual effort, there are always 11 guys out there. Nothing happens without those guys up front, and I think they did an extremely good job of getting to where we need to get to and allow me to make reads and cuts off those guys. "

On if he felt like Tom Brady was checking off plays and getting good looks:

"Of course. That's something we worked on all week and that's a part of Tom's job is to come up and get us in good looks, and of course he's always on the top of his game, and today he was. He got us into some of those checks and we were checking to come up with two or three plays, and he picked the right one and we were able to execute. "

On the fact it seems like the running game is being more and more productive each week:

"Working hard at practice. Kind of with the new rules, we've been in one padded practice a week. It's kind of important that we get those things taken care of during the week when we do have those pads on.  We're taking pride in those things and being able to complement the passing game. Obviously our passing game is doing well, so we want to be an offense where we can be able to do whatever we want to do - run or pass - and compliment our defense. Those things help when you're able to keep the other team's offense off the field. "

On the fact both Bill Belichick and Vince Wilfork talked about the importance of having a good week of practice:

"Yes, we understand that we always have to come out and have a good week of practice.  It dates back to last year.  When we don't have good weeks of practice, you know, we don't play well. It's very imperative for us to come out and have good weeks of practice on Wednesday, Thursday and just preparation starting - actually starting tonight - getting ready for Dallas.  We're putting the Jets game behind us and trying to kind of get ahead on those guys, so it's always imperative for us to have a good week of practice and come out. We don't have all day out there so we have to make sure that we're running those plays and getting them right the first time."

On the fact he's had an increase in production with the additional tight ends:

"I think in all situations we're doing whatever it takes to win. We're not making excuses about anything that's going on, and Thomas Welch and Nate Solder, they're doing a good job of whatever we're asking people to do.  Everyone is stepping up and just going out there and getting it done. Hats off to those guys for learning multiple positions. It's a team effort. We only have 53 guys and 45 active on Sunday so everyone has to kind of pull their weight. "

On how nice it was to see Aaron Hernandez out there today:

"It's always fun. Aaron is one of my good friends and we're able to talk to him on the bench and have good camaradship. With him being back out there, it's excellent. You want to have everyone out there playing. When we get everyone out there, I think that we have a lot of weapons, so it's always fun to get everyone out there and just contribute. "

On the fact he seems to like those throwback uniforms and he's been productive:

"Red is my favorite color first off. I actually like the red throwbacks... [it's] my favorite uniforms here but any one we put on, I want to go out and perform but I like those red ones a lot."

On if he wants to rest after getting the ball as many times as he did that final drive:

"I don't even really pay attention to how many times or what's going on. I just know that if it's a situation where he comes up and it's a pass look, he's going to pass it. If it's a running look, if they're giving us the run, he's going to check it to the run. You have to be ready for anything. So we could be back there, he could hand it off, I could be back there, I could be blocking. I could be back there and I could be going out for a pass, so you have to be ready for all things in those situations. So I think we're doing a good job of whatever they're giving us, we're taking it and moving the ball down the field."