Wes Welker's Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
September 25, 2011 at 10:18pm ET

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Here's the complete transcript of Wes Welker's press conference with the media following the Patriots loss to the Bills on Sunday.

On what they did wrong:

"I think the turnovers really killed us in the end.  We were able to do some good things out there, we moved the ball pretty well, and things like that.  When we get in key positions, we can't turn the ball over and make some of those mistakes, and pick sixes, and different things like that.  We didn't play very good complimentary football with eachother.  The Bills came out there and played hard, and they kept fighting and they were definitely a  tougher team than us today."

On if they saw something on film that made them realize he'd be able to be open so much today:

"I mean, I knew there was some opportunities and things like that, but sometimes that's just the way the game's played out. And you go into it trying to catch as many balls and get as many yards for the offense, and try to move the ball down the field and ultimately score.  At times we did that very well, and at other times we didn't.  We've got to put it all together and be on the same page and understand that we've just got to keep possession of the ball and move down the field and make some plays and score."

On the cause of the turnovers:

"I think it's multiple things.  I'm sure Tom [Brady] will tell you "bad throws" and "wrong routes", and different things like that that ultimately we all got to be on the same page and we're all accountable for it and making sure that we're in the right spots and making the plays we need to."

On the records and how much this loss detracts from it:

"Pretty much it detracts everything, I mean we lost the game.  What should be a great fun day, of breaking records and doing all those things, turns totally the opposite.  I think it shows that we've got a long ways to go and we've got to step up across the board, and make plays, and understand that we just can't play like this."

On his explanation of the 'meltdown':

"I said earlier the turnovers I think were the key thing.  They did a great job of making plays out there, and their defense did a good job and you've got to give them all the credit in the world."

On if all of Brady's interceptions throw the offense 'off kilter':

"Well I think anytime you turn the ball over, especially in some of the situations we were in, it's never good.  It's never good for your psyche, never good for the team, never good for scoring points.  So it's definitely something we ultimately, all collectively... you know, this isn't just on Tom, I mean it's everybody getting on the same page and understanding that we're in this together and we all need to make plays and we're all accountable for it."

On how different the Bills are, their pass rush etc.

"They're a tough football team.  They played really well, they kept fighting, and you've got to give them all the credit."