Patriots Brace Hopefully Came Prepared

Ian Logue
July 27, 2011 at 01:22pm ET

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Today as the players undergo their conditioning runs, it sounds like defensive lineman Ron Brace may have hopefully come prepared.

Brace, who is in his third year in New England, reportedly failed the conditioning run last year and missed the first part of training camp, and he told Boston Herald reporter Ian Rapoport that he hired a personal trainer to help him prepare for the upcoming season.

“So, I basically got me a personal trainer,” he told Rapoport back in June, “working on getting my strength back, my agility, working on my conditioning. Trying to get it right, doing all the things, just taking suggestions from people. Sill young in the league, you don’t know everything. So, I try out everybody’s suggestion. Somebody said, you know what you need? You need a personal trainer. So, got one.”

Brace also told him at the time that he felt a difference, although how that translated during today's run remains to be seen.

“I definitely do,” Brace said. “I definitely do. I feel the difference. The (trainers) even said it themselves. We can definitely see improvement, see your conditioning has improved greatly since you’ve been here. So, just basically trying to make strides and be ready for it. Because, again, I know that’s not the type of player I am (to fail a test). When I actually play, you see that’s not the type of person I am.”

Brace had previously visited a school in New Hampshire back in April trying to make eating salad look cool. Hopefully he had plenty of it over the summer and had a successful run this morning.