Aaron Hernandez Recently Had Hip Surgery

Ian Logue
February 21, 2011 at 10:47am ET

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Many fans had wondered why we saw so little of Aaron Hernandez during the final weeks of this past season.  It appears now we may have an answer.

Hernandez hopes to have an even better season in 2011. (PHOTO:Icon/SMI)
The Hartford Courant reported last night that Hernandez' appearance Sunday morning at Southington High School, where he spent time working with nearly 80 kids for a 90-minute skills camp.  However, according to the newspaper, the rookie was there on crutches, and revealed during a Q&A session with the kids that he had undergone hip surgery recently when one of the kids asked him "what happened to your leg."

According to the report Hernandez later made the kids' day by giving them a personally autographed item, which included a shirt, a photo, and a football.

"It's just good to give back to the community," Hernandez told the newspaper. "It's good to give back to the kids in Southington and it works out for my brother. I love kids, I know it's going to make the kids' day with me coming here, and so, why not?"

Hernandez had a strong rookie campaign, playing in 14 games and finishing with 45 receptions for 563 yards along with 6 touchdowns.  Now he claims his goal is to try and improve over the offseason so that he can be even better next year.

"You've always got to make changes," he said. "You can't be the same player two years in a row. You've got to be better every year, and there will be something that the coaches will tell me I need to work on, so I'll make sure to get it done."