Patriots Light Not Optimistic On Labor Talks

Ian Logue
February 16, 2011 at 10:37am ET

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Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald spoke to Patriots offensive lineman and player representative Matt Light, who was at Ticos restaurant in Boston last night for a celebration of the accomplishments over the first 260 days of the Greg Hill Foundation.

Matt Light doesn't sound optimistic about the current labor situation. (PHOTO:Icon/SMI)
According to Light things aren't looking good, with the Patriots veteran saying that talks are in a "bad state" right now, and that neither side is close to getting something done before the March 3rd deadline.

“Look, at this point, believe nothing that you hear and none of which you see. I just think it’s a bad state right now,” Light said. “It’s a bunch of people who are arguing over points that have nothing to do with what’s at the heart of the matter. Unfortunately, all the players and fans and everyone that’s affiliated through the NFL in some way and some shape, they’re all being affected by it. And that’s a lot of people. That’s not just the players. That’s not just the owners. That’s a huge industry that’s wrapped around a lot of good people (who) at the end of the day just want to see a deal get done.”

With a lockout looking more and more likely, Light is already warning players to be smart with their money because for now it's hard to say just how long they'll have to wait before the next NFL game - and their next paycheck - will come.

“They’ve gotten the message for over a year now,” Light said. “They’re hearing it. It hasn’t sunken in to every one of them, but at the end of the day, hang in there, hang tight, don’t go out there and spend foolishly. And understand you need to have a few more reserves in the tank than you did in the past. All we can do is continue to educate them as to where we stand, and what progress has been made, if any, and what the sentiment is on the other side. As long as we do that, I think we’re doing our job.’’