Tom Brady PostGame Comments

Ian Logue
November 07, 2010 at 06:26pm ET

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke to the media after the game, and here's what Brady had to say about New England's loss to the Browns.

On whether Cleveland did anything they weren’t prepared for, or if they were just out of sync offensively:

“Yeah, we were out of sync all day, I think that’s a good way to put it.  We just didn’t have a very good day at the office.  So we’ve got to get back to work.  They’ve got a very good team, a good scheme, they’re obviously well coached, so I think you’ve got to give them a lot of credit.”

On whether it’s obvious what’s wrong:

“We just didn’t play well.  We’ve got to take advantage of scoring opportunities, got to convert on 3rd down, got to get off to better starts in games. So I think it was just collectively as an offense, we just didn’t do much to advance the ball.  We just weren’t in sync. So we’ve got to figure out the problems and try to get them corrected.”

On whether or not failing to put points up at the half hurt cost them:

“Those are big plays, but there were a lot of big plays in this game and ones that we just didn’t convert on or connect on.  You don’t lose because of one play.  There’s a lot of plays that I wish we would have done better and I think as a group we all have to understand what we need to do better individually and then go out there and get to work, get back to practicing better.  I mean if we play the way we played today we’re not going to beat anybody. We just had an awful day.”

On if today's performance was a carryover from the bad practices:

“It’s hard to say. Every week some days you have good practices, some days you have bad practices, we just didn’t play well today, and I think that’s what it comes down to.  We just didn’t execute the way we needed to execute on a down-by-down basis.  We’ve all have  to do a better job.  Quarterback’s got to do a better job, each group has to do a better job, and that’s the only way we’re going to get it corrected.”

On whether or not there’s a certain area they can go to and do well:

We’ve got a bunch of talented players, I’d like to think that we have guys that can make a bunch of  plays out there, and we certainly make a lot of plays out there, we just don’t do it consistently enough.  That’s the frustrating part, is we do it right once, next time it comes up we don’t do it right.  That’s something that leads to 3-and-outs, it leads to not being able to sustain drives, and that’s what we all have to do a better job of.

On how much of it can be chalked up to inexperience by the receivers:

“It’s week 8, and we’ve got a lot of work ahead.  I don’t think we’re a finished product right now.  You’re right, we have to do things better in a lot of areas, in all those positions that you talked about, including quarterback, and that’s what we plan to do.”

On the play of Colt McCoy:

“He did well.  He moved the team, they scored a lot of points.  He made some real big scrambles, and he did a great job.”

On how McCoy has handled himself as a rookie:

“He did a great job.  I’ve been in that spot, never as a rookie like he is, but he’s obviously doing the right thing out there.  He’s getting the ball to the right guys, making accurate throws.  He did a great job.”