Moss Looking For New Agent

Ian Logue
May 31, 2010 at 05:48pm ET

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Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reported on Monday that a day after firing his agent, Patriots receiver Randy Moss is apparently looking for new representation and proclaiming his freedom to all the agents who may be interested.

It was reported on Sunday that Moss cut ties with his long-time agent, Tim DiPiero, who has represented Moss all the way back to his high school days. According to today's report apparently part of the reason may have been due to the lack of marketing exposure for the veteran receiver. Now it appears he's looking for someone else who can give him those opportunities.

Moss has been one of Tom Brady's favorite targets since joining New England, but is now in the final year of his contract (PHOTO CREDIT: ICON/SMI Media)
"To all the agents out there," Moss told Rapoport, "I am a free man! I am looking for a new agent. I got this football thing under control, but going into my 13th year in the league, I’m still marketable. I’m looking for an agent that’s going to get me out there with my marketing ability. I can shoot commercials. That’s what I’m looking for right now — that off-the-field money. I really wasn’t into commercials, because I wanted to concentrate on one objective, being a better football player year-in and year-out. Now, late in my career, I’m still thinking I have some marketing opportunities out there. I need an agent or agency that’s going to get out there and find those business deals off the field."

It's interesting to note that at least here in New England, Moss really hasn't been featured in any commercials or marketing promotions.  After all, if Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers can be in Head and Shoulders commercials, I'm pretty sure a guy as charasmatic as Moss has plenty of marketing opportunities.

Moss went on to say that despite being in the final year of his contract, he plans on making as big of an impact on the field for the Patriots as he can, and will understand either way - regardless of whatever decision New England makes in terms of whether or not they opt to keep him around.

“I wanted to let fans know, this is my year,” Moss said. “I’m going to play the year, I’m not coming in to start any conflicts or be disgruntled. I don’t think I’m realistically in the future plans of the Patriots. But if the New England Patriots don’t want me in their future, (it’s a business). I understand.”