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Ian Logue
September 09, 2009 at 11:37am ET

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I’m starting to wonder if I should be surprised that this whole deal between Oakland and New England for defensive lineman Richard Seymour has turned into such a disaster.

After all, it was just a few days ago when the trade sending Seymour west was announced, yet according to published reports he’s still in Massachusetts and not in Oakland helping them get ready for their matchup on Monday night against San Diego.

That’s obviously not good for Raiders fans, who are chomping at the bit and hoping to see him on the field when their team takes on LaDainian Tomlinson and company. Unfortunately unless he gets on a plane and heads out to California, that’s looking less and less like a possibility.

One of the things I wondered about when I first heard about this deal, was: "What's going to happen with his contract?" I would have to believe that a contract extension would have had to have been in the works from Oakland's standpoint, otherwise giving up a first round pick wouldn't have made much sense. Let's be honest, Seymour isn't stupid. He's being shipped to one of the worst franchises in the league and is probably trying to get a grip on the one part of his future he can control, and that’s the future of his contract. He’s likely aware that his old team (the Patriots) more or less stole a first round pick from his new team (the Raiders) in exchange for his services. Now there’s some speculation that the veteran defensive lineman may be be pressuring the Raiders for a multiyear contract - although out in Oakland they're blaming the Patriots for the hold-up.

He's in a tough spot, since both he and his family’s future is now uncertain. Should he complete the season with the Raiders, there’s probably no guarantee he won’t be franchised – and it’s doubtful Oakland will let him walk away into free agency after giving up a first round pick in the first place to get him. So one would have to believe his decision to agree and head west will likely hinge on a new deal getting done.

Part of me has to wonder if Al Davis really thought this whole thing through, because it’s become such a debacle that I’m beginning to doubt it.

If a contract extension is in the works, no one in Oakland is talking. When asked whether the Raiders had opened negotiations with Seymour, Cable told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, “I don’t want to comment on any of that till we have something that’s done and concrete.”

Back in New England, Belichick isn’t saying much either. “At this point, because we don’t have the rights to Richard, there isn’t a lot I can say about Richard or his situation,” explained Belichick.

Needless to say, this has definitely turned into quite a fiasco. Here in New England, eventually the season will start and we’ll have more to focus on and we'll move on with our lives. Out in Oakland, they have to deal with their team being in complete disarray and the one chance they had of acquiring a player who could make a difference in their first game of the season certainly isn’t looking too good right now.

Quick Hits

- Some facts are slowly leaking out surrounding the recent firing of Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Turk Schonert. In Tuesday's edition of "Outside the Lines" they examined last week's rash of offensive coordinator-cides, and according to ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck, he said that he spoke to the players and was told Schonert had blamed the team's lack of success on the fact that head coach Dick Jauron was "forcing plays down his throat". When you have a guy in his position openly blaming his boss for his failure - it's typically a recipe for disaster.

The day Schonert was fired, he ripped Jauron to Buffalo's CBS affiliate.

Schonert told the station Jauron "wants a Pop Warner offense. He limited me in formations and limited me in plays. He's been on my back all offseason."

Expectations are high out in Buffalo, so they certainly don't need any issues like this within their coaching staff. So give Jauran credit for cutting him loose before the start of the season.

- I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was surprised about Mangini's decision to try and conceal his starting QB. Chris Mortenson of ESPN mentioned another theory he heard by Mike Greenberg on Mangini's secrecy wondering whether he's testing his team's trust and loyalty to see if anyone leaks it to the media. After a few minutes of batting it around he Tweeted that "Consensus on Greeny's theory on Mangini is that it's a stretch".

- Shalize Manza Young of the Providence Journal Tweeted a few minutes ago that Peyton Manning edges Tom Brady at #1 in Sporting News' ranking of the NFL's top 100 players. I disagree.

- The Ben Roethlisberger case is getting interesting. His accuser isn't letting it go, saying she'll drop the case if he'll admit he's guilty. Roethlisberger fired back, and sounds like he's pretty adamant he's innocent. His lawyer David Cornwell issued a statement and it sounds like they're willing to go to trial. "We offered Ms. McNulty a graceful exit. Apparently, Mr. Dunlap convinced her that they can dig themselves out of this rancid hole. The 'settlement' offer is rejected. We will continue to press our defenses and claims and pursue our application for sanctions." Now it looks like any offers from the Roethlisberger camp are off the table, and the case will now proceed. Most players hide behind their lawyers, but listening to him fight back would leave me to believe her charges are false.

Funny (or not so funny) Link of the Day

Being the father of a 14-year old daughter I found this link rather disturbing. When you work to try and help her from avoiding this lifestyle, I'm wondering who would want to buy this thing to encourage it? Considering all the steps it takes to get a product to market, it appears there had to have been a lot of people who must have disagreed with me. Very scary to say the least.

That's it for today. We'll see you tomorrow and check back throughout the day for updates from today's team's activities as they become available.