Harrison Believes He's HOF Worthy

Ian Logue
July 09, 2009 at 02:58pm ET

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An interesting article this afternoon posted at AOL's Fanhouse where retired Patriots safety Rodney Harrison told Nancy Gay that he believes he deserves consideration for the NFL Hall of Fame. 

"Probably not," Harrison told FanHouse when asked if he thought he'd get in, "because just look how the NFL has looked at me all these years. Ignoring my stats and my impact as a player and a teammate. Focusing on the negative.

"Do I believe I'm a Hall of Fame player? Absolutely. Will I make it in there? That's up to you guys. But I know that I did all I could do."

Harrison also went on to say that the fact he only made the Pro Bowl twice in fifteen seasons was also a sore point.

"The Pro Bowl is an absolute joke,'' Harrison said. "When you look at the guys who can't even play safety and they're getting in. You've got guys going in with 70 tackles, one or two interceptions, no sacks, no passes defensed, no impact on the game. I mean, it's crazy how the Pro Bowl voting is.

"You mean to tell me a guy like John Lynch, who I respect to death, you tell me he's an eight, nine-time Pro Bowler, and I'm a two-time Pro Bowler?"

As Gay points out - in 2003, Harrison led the Patriots with 140 regular-season tackles and three interceptions, and was voted All-Pro by The Associated Press media panel.   However, he failed to make the Pro Bowl roster that season.

"Look at these stats!" Harrison told Fanhouse. "All you have to do is pull 'em up and look at 'em -- my interceptions, my tackles, my impact on the game. Everything! What does that tell you?

"But guess what: Because I'm Rodney Harrison, because everyone wanted to put this 'dirty player' stigma on me, no one would vote for me. But if you asked these guys, would they want me on their team, yes they would."

There's many more interesting points to read in this article, which can be found by CLICKING HERE  if you'd like to read more.