Comcast and NFL Network Set to Appear Before Judge

Ian Logue
April 14, 2009 at 01:52pm ET

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Good news for New England fans who are watching the May 1st deadline loom closer and concerned that the NFL Network will disappear from their Comcast cable line-up, the  dispute between Comcast and the NFL Network is getting a hearing this week.
The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that Comcast and the NFL Network are appearing before an administrative law judge at the Federal Communications Commission this week in an effort to resolve the standoff between the two companies.

The problem for the NFL Network is that they disagree with the fact that Comcast has the NFL Network in a premium sports tier, which has far fiewer viewers than the standard package that most people subscribe to.  Being in the lower tier would gain them a significantly higher audience, which is what they're seeking and where the stalemate stems from.
Meanwhile Comcast says it put the NFL Network in the premium package because of the high costs of carrying the channel.  As a result the two sides will appear before a judge who will make recommendations to the FCC, which could force Comcast to carry the network in the lower-priced tier.  This could be a win-win for fans who love football, and would like to lower their cable bill.  Needless to say stay tuned.