Collinsworth: Brady Could Be More Motivated Than Ever Before

Derek Havens
January 23, 2012 at 12:34pm ET

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NBC employees and analysts, who will be covering the Super Bowl in two weeks, all had something to say after the championship games on Sunday. Analyst Chris Collinsworth had an interesting comment that I would like to share. -

Brady could be more motivated than ever in this year's Super Bowl. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

"It’s not often that Tom Brady needs help from anybody to make his way to the Super Bowl, but you know that he is going to be inspired in a way that he hasn’t been, maybe ever," Collinsworth said. " Hearing his post-game self-critique, you know that he has a little chip on his shoulder going into the Super Bowl."

After the very emotional game on Sunday afternoon, I was trying to decide if I was glad Brady played as bad as he did in the team's win. Yes, obviously I would love to see the future hall of fame quarterback play better, but could Collinsworth be on to something positive?

I believe Collinsworth is right, Brady will have a chip on his shoulder going into the Super Bowl, as well he should. He was mediocre at best throughout the game and made some questionable decisions. Luckily for him and Patriots Nation, the team rallied around the quarterback and secured the victory.

I believe Brady's preparation is perhaps second to none, but with this added motivation to play better, the team could most certainly feed off him going into the big game. I know I am not the only one who loves to see Brady play with a fire and passion in his eyes. His rare struggle could in fact benefit the team on February 5.

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