Patriots Trade 28th Pick to the Saints

Derek Havens
April 29, 2011 at 12:48am ET

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The Patriots do what the patriots do best. Find incredible value for a draft pick and maximize it. New England traded the 28th overall pick in the first round tot he New Orleans Saints for a 2012 first round draft pick and a 2011 2nd round pick. Here is how the trade worked out:

Saints get -

2011 28th overall pick (Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama)

Patriots get -

2012 1st round draft pick

2011 2nd round pick (56 overall)


I cannot say I am shocked by the Patriots trading the 28th pick, but I am certainly disappointed. I definitely believe they got a steal in terms of value from the Saints. They get the 24th selection in day two of the draft and yet again have two first round draft picks for next season. At some point though, don't you have to take players to improve the team? At the end of day one, sure the Patriots got a future left tackle, but can he contribute immediately? I am hoping the Patriots can make strong contributions to their defense in day two of the NFL draft.

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