For Patriots Moss Trade Is A Step Backward

Derek Havens
October 07, 2010 at 09:36am ET

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On October 6th, 2010 Randy Moss was traded to the Minnesota Vikings along with a 2012 7th round draft pick for a 2011 3rd round selection.

To me, this trade makes you a lesser team by far.

This is the Richard Seymour trade all over again. The Patriots have no one to replace Moss right now or in the future, and this is just another huge hole to fill next April in the draft. An All-pro, perennial pro-bowl wide receiver who is the best deep ball receiver in the history of the NFL for a 3rd rounder? That is a steal for Minnesota in my mind.

However, you have to account for the multiple reports of locker-room "fallouts" and "outbursts" with the coaching staff throughout this last weeks game. Then there's the contract speech he gave after a critical week one win against a playoff caliber team in Cincinnati. Not to mention, there are reports out there that unnamed players have said he was starting to become a distraction. If all those are true, it was probably a good move to cut ties -  but once again management has put themselves in a tough position.

The next question in my mind becomes what happens to an offense when you have 4 slot receivers, no deep threat, and a mediocre running game?  Not to mention a defense that allows an average of 25 points a game - it's not good. You are going to see a different Patriots offense on the field in week 6.

To get a win like we did in Miami and then have this happen immediately after really cuts the team down. From the players and coaches to the fans of the Patriots, everyone needed that win against the Dolphins. The bye week could not have come at a better time in that regard, since the team has two weeks to get focused and work on becoming a better football team.

Only time will tell what this team can accomplish, but they are a worse football team than they were two days ago. Moving forward they have even more questions than answers. I expect the team to make some serious moves after the season concludes, but I don't expect another trade before the deadline.

 There is still a lot of talent on offense with a Hall-of-Fame quarterback at the helm, but only time will tell what the 2010 Patriots can be.