By: Bob George/
October 03, 2006

Patriots’ Malcolm Mitchell happy with rehab progress
Free agent WR Eric Decker says he would be 'good fit' with Patriots
Man charged with robbing Gronkowski's home arraigned
Buckley: What will Tom Brady do when he retires from football?
Tom Brady teases with Instagram comment

Fresh off his golden arm performance in Super Bowl VII, Garo Yepremian is poised to petition Nick Saban to rejoin the Dolphins as an emergency quarterback. Yepremian, the longtime Miami kicker who nearly threw away the perfect 1972 campaign by throwing a football off a blocked field goal which resulted in Mike Bass picking it off and running it in for the only Redskin score in Super Bowl VII, became the first lefty soccer style kicker to make it big in the NFL. He kicked nine of his 14 NFL seasons for the Dolphins, in addition to his time spent in Detroit, New Orleans and Tampa Bay. The balding Cypriot launches a kickoff which settles down at about the three-yard line.

Sooner or later, Vince Young will realize that he's in the NFL, and he's playing the Dallas Cowboys instead of the SMU Mustangs.

Yes, Vince, everyone can run at this level.

Kurt Warner knew that his time was up, and was mighty gentlemanly in handing the Cardinal scepter over to Matt Leinart.

For now, the Redskins will keep Mark Brunell at quarterback.

Nice rally by the Browns. Romeo Crennel needed it badly.

What was supposed to be the Opie versus Goober show in the Meadowlands instead turned into a weird rushing duel between the Colts and the Jets.

Hey, if the other guy can't stop the run, why throw?

Attaway to shut up Chad Johnson, Pats.

Looks like Steve McNair has found a home in Baltimore.

Geek of the week: Some people think that they should slap the cuffs on Tennessee defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth and haul him in on assault charges. That wasn't football, that was a mugging.

And bravo to Jeff Fisher for denouncing it the way he did.

You look good, Deion Branch, but Darrell Jackson is still the top wideout in Seattle.

At least for the moment.

Meanwhile, the Patriots scored 38 points without Branch.

Ironic? The man replacing the injured Adam Vinatieri in Indianapolis, Martin Gramatica, was in Foxborough in August trying to take his job in training camp.

Oakland. Miami. San Francisco. Detroit. Tennessee. Awful teams.

Jason Taylor says his is the worst. They head for Foxborough next weekend.

Terry Glenn has Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe. What more does he need?

Glenn probably is praying that Parcells hangs on at least as long as the rest of his career.

Eventually, the boos went away in Cincinnati when Corey Dillon got the ball.

Of course, the number of people still at the stadium went away, also.

You just knew that sooner or later, Lovie Smith would get things together in Chicago.

That will also ring true for Crennel in Cleveland. Sooner or later.

Nice to see former Patriot backup Damon Huard have such a nice day against a pretty bad 49ers team.

Back to school: There are trophies here and there in college football, but none more storied than the Little Brown Jug, which goes to the winner of the Michigan/Minnesota game. Last year, the Gophers went into Ann Arbor and took the jug from the Wolverines, and this year the Wolverines went into the Homerdome to get it back. The jug, which was left behind by Michigan head coach Fielding H. Yost in 1903, is the oldest privately contested trophy in college football.

Seeing Michigan claim the jug was awesome. The Gophers left it on a table. The Wolverines came over as a team to the Gopher bench to pick it up, hold it overhead and take it home. It's serious stuff, folks.

Word has it that Michigan's Tom Brady was all over Minnesota's Laurence Maroney this week regarding that Little Brown Jug.

If Reggie Wayne needs any comfort over the loss of his brother this past week, he needs to look no further than his coach. If anyone can counsel him on family loss, Tony Dungy can.

Brady's body language looked pretty positive this week.

The Buffalo Bills continue to play and win ugly.

Sorry, New Orleans, but your Saints won't win ‘em all.

Stop the presses in Houston. Mario Williams finally got a sack.

They're looking for a "Patriots fight song”. Are they looking for something like what Da Bears fans were singing on Sunday night?

They had a good one in the 1970s, Hail To The Patriots, played by the Norwood High Jazz Band at old Schaefer Stadium. Whatever happened to that tune? With all due respect to Bono and U2, that song deserves a second chance.

Remember them: They were there at Dan Marino's Hall of Fame induction last year. The Marks Brothers, Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, were two of Marino's favorite targets. From 1982 to 1992, the Marks Brothers electrified the old Orange Bowl and the new Dolphin Stadium, catching passes mostly from Marino and helping their quarterback get into Canton. Clayton played for ten seasons in Miami before playing one final season in Green Bay, while Duper played all his eleven seasons in the aqua and orange of Miami. Interesting Patriot connection here is that Brady is the first quarterback since Marino to lead the league in passing and then lose both his top receivers. Marino never forgot his old chums, and that pass he threw to Clayton at Canton was classic.

Why worry about losing Terrell Owens when you've got L.J. Smith?

The Packers may look weak now, but they'll look like 1996 when the Patriots come calling later on this year.

Maybe that will give them extra incentive. If they couldn't beat down the Bronco demons, perhaps they can defeat Brett Favre for the first time in 11 years if they just don't play stupid.

The baseball playoffs have begun. At least no one will complain about not enough Patriots coverage.