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September 21, 2005


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Gary Anderson is the all-time leader in points scored in NFL history. He kicked for the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first 12 years of his career. He is unfortunately most remembered for something he did -- or didn't -- do as a Viking. His game-winning field goal attempt in the 1998 NFC Championship Game was a miss, and his 15-1 Vikings suffered an overtime loss at home which sent the Atlanta Falcons to their only Super Bowl. Anderson boots one deep which gets returned to about the 22-yard line.

Job one at the Patriot laboratories: Restore discipline to the ranks. For any pre-snap penalties, they have to run the August conditioning test all over again.

Oh, and no more filming stupid commercials.

What would Cadillac Williams be like if his nickname were, say, Lamborghini?

Quarterback controversy in Baltimore? How? Nobody is much good there.

Still sitting around and waiting for Detroit to get good.

The Patriots lost by ten points on Sunday. The margin of loss for the Red Sox that day was only one less. You could hear all of greater Boston crying for their mommies.

Brett Favre may do what Johnny Unitas did, and that is stay in too long after it is time to go. Let's hope that such actions won't overshadow his 50,000 career passing yards.

Meanwhile, find me a Charger fan who remembers Unitas and I'll find you a New York Titans fan. Any fan.

Geek of the week: Daunte Culpepper is making Viking Nation sick right now. Five times he found Bengal receivers on Sunday.

Honk if you picked the Vikings to make the Super Bowl.

Byron Leftwich is one tough guy, hanging in there when the Colt defense basically treated him as if he were Gumby.

Tom Brady needs to yell at more people than only Corey Dillon this week. And that includes all those figurative metaphors as well.

Don't look now, but Da Bears may have something in this Kyle Orton kid.

You cannot butcher the end of a game like the Cardinals did against Kurt Warner's old mates.

Congratulations, Romeo, on win number one.

Winning cures all ills. Nice to see Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens conversational once again.

One has to wonder: How come Kris Jenkins was a scratch from the game, and the Patriots could still get zero running game going?

You had to root for the Jets on Sunday. Everyone in the AFC East is now 1-1.

Good. The Bills wore the 1960s uniforms once again.

The Raiders still need more than just Randy Moss.

Back to school: Nice to have Florida State visit Chestnut Hill. But in the end, they showed that when it comes to college football, Massachusetts is no Florida.

Going further, speaking from a purely romantic point of view, having Florida the power base of college football isn't very appealing. It's too bad the Midwest can't make that claim anymore. Whatever happened to "three yards and a cloud of dust”?

Let's hope that Houston is not to David Carr what Foxborough was to Jim Plunkett.

Sure sign of trouble: When Troy Brown is ordered back to the defensive meetings.

Another sure sign of trouble: When Bill Belichick brings in a vending machine due to the fact that it really has better hands than the real Patriot receivers.

Unlike 2000, Baltimore's defense isn't immortal and thus able to withstand its annual pitiful offense.

If you were Ricky Williams, would you talk to Mike Wallace?

One word describes Bill Belichick at the postgame press conference: gaunt.

Emotions ran high at Lambeau Field, as Reggie White's number 92 was officially retired.

How must the 49ers feel, seeing their former wideout burn them twice on Sunday?

When Michael Vick grabs his hammy, all of Georgia freaks out.

How many consecutive regular season games has Pittsburgh now won? 16? Still have a ways to go to catch the Patriots.

Remember him: An incredibly likeable guy who overcame long odds to make it in the NFL. He was almost killed in Vietnam following his tenure as Nick Eddy's backup at Notre Dame. In 1976, both he and Franco Harris topped 1,000 yards rushing. That's Bob "Rocky” Bleier, who has his own special place in the hearts of Steeler Nation.

Battle of the old geezers in Dallas, and old geezer Joe beat old geezer Bill.

Oh, and Parcells' record in games he leads in the fourth quarter by 13 or more? 77-1 after Monday night.

Meanwhile, the Saints play a "home game” in the Meadowlands and lose by 17. If that was the only viable solution, oh well.

As long as those donations keep coming in, the Saints will probably let this one slide.

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