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March 25, 2005

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*In just about three weeks of covering Pro Day events throughout the country since the Combine, our staff has compiled nearly 460 results, including almost 330 in just the last week of updates, not including the ones that appear in today's report.

*If any/all of your clients have setup private visits/workouts leading up to the draft we are creating a chart for that, as well, since it has been requested.

*Those prospects who have had or currently have any type of medical issues if you would like to pass along updates/reports on their status, please email those to our attention.

*If you would like to include any/all Pro Day results, updates or information, please send it to [email protected] or 504.415.9979 before 7pm eastern each day for inclusion in the next day's report.


There have been no official reports/indications that SAN FRANCISCO has taken or solicited offers for the #1 overall choice... but there has been heavy speculation out of several very reliable sources on the West Coast that SAN DIEGO, which owns three picks in the first two rounds, including a pair of round picks (#12, #28 and #61), plus two young signal callers (Drew Brees and Philip Rivers) could at least investigate a possible move up the draft board between now and April 23rd... obtaining the rights to either Brees or Rivers, besides giving them a new starting quarterback, would also provide the 49ers with a more cap-friendly contract than the one they would have to offer to the #1 overall pick in this year's draft... if the Chargers were to obtain the top choice it would likely be done to acquire the rights to Michigan wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who is also receiving a lot of consideration from the Miami Dolphins who own the rights to the #2 overall pick.

DENVER BRONCOS, who have inked veteran tight end Stephen Alexander, could now be set to deal recently signed tight end JEB PUTZIER to one of the following teams, NY Jets, Philadephia, New Orleans or Washington... they are believed to be asking for as high as a 3rd round pick, while some have offered a 5th round choice... could also take a conditional 2006 pick in addition to a mid-round 2005 choice based on Putzier's playing time and production next season... Putzier was offered a multi-year contract by the NY Jets, since he was a restricted free agent, but the Broncos decided to match... had 36 catches for 572 yards and two touchdowns last season... but one thing for teams looking to deal for him should remember is that he had nearly half of his total stats, 15 catches for 230 yards and one touchdown against AFC West foes (six games), who could not cover opposing tight ends for the most part in any contest last season (check the stats on Antonio Gates (San Diego) and Tony Gonzalez (Kansas City)... the contract offer the Broncos matched from the Jets, included $2.5 million dollar signing bonus, so that would also be a benefit to the team obtaining him, as his salary cap number would be lower than the deal he just signed (5-year, $12.5 million dollars).


UT-CHATTANOOGA senior wide receiver ALONZO NIX, who worked out for scouts before Southern Mississippi's Pro Day (March 23rd), is looking to schedule his own Pro Day on or around the March 30th workout scheduled for Tennessee. Please contact his agent for more information or to set up the best time for scouts to attend.

JAMES MADISON (March 25th): the following seniors will be available at the March 25th (today) Pro Day:... CB Rodney McCarter, Rondell Bradley, Chris Irio, Trey Townsend, Josh Haymore and Kywnn Walton.

LOUISVILLE (March 25th) will be holding a second Pro Day today... besides the players mentioned earlier (Leffew, Harris, McCune)... senior linebacker/defensive end MARCUS JONES will also be in attendance for this workout.

VIRGINIA STATE (March 25th) senior defensive lineman NEIL PURVIS will be working out on March 25th (today) at James Madison's Pro Day, as their were several scheduling conflicts for scouts coming to his own workout... besides his positional workout he would also liked to have his short-and-long snaps timed.

PRO DAY UPDATES (Through March 24th):

VIRGINIA (March 24th) senior offensive guard ELTON BROWN ran 1.78 10-yard... pulled up at the 30-yard line with a pulled hamstring... 10-yard time would likely have converted into 4.90/4.95 in the 40... weighed in at 6045, 330 pounds... still did all his drills... "(I) have never had/seen a guy try to run a 40-yard dash and then do all of his drills with a pulled hamstring... (I) could not be happier with today's results", said his agent Joel Segal... teams were also quick to identify his toughness and willingness to continue through his full workout inspite of the injury... many said that tells them all they needed to know after several other well-known outlets have questioned him in those areas after missing the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine, while rehabbing a knee injury... his experience in the West Coast offense would help him get on the field and contribute right away, as a rookie... he should maintain his spot as the #1 rated guard in this draft with Alabama's Evan Mathis having closed the gap over the past two months... junior linebacker DARRYL BLACKSTOCK ran between 4.52 and 4.60 in the 40... 11.51 60-yard... also did a full positional workout, which saw him look more fluid in his drops and non-pass rush type drills... he's a perfect fit for 3-4 teams, but many 4-3 clubs have wondered if he can stay on the field in passing situations, outside of being moved up to DE on those downs... senior safety MARQUIS WEEKS ran between 4.42 and 4.47 in the 40... weighed in at 5102, 214 pounds... moving into late round consideration across the board... senior fullback BRANDON ISAISAH ran between 4.59 and 4.64 in the 40... 17 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5112, 230 pounds... also caught the ball very well... senior safety JERMAINE HARDY ran between 4.44 and 4.50 in the 40... senior offensive tackle JON DUNN did 15 reps of 225 pounds... senior defensive lineman CHRIS CANTY did not workout, but will be scheduling a private workout in the North Carolina area sometime in the next 7-to-10 days... roughly 40 scouts were in attendance... rained, so the conditions on the outdoor surface were wet/slick.

NW OKLAHOMA STATE (March 24th) senior defensive end VAN BROWN (#43) ran between 4.71 and 4.73 in the 40... 4.30 short shuttle... 7.03 three-cone... 41" vertical and also did 21 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6056, 277 pounds... also did positional drills... his results came as part of the Pro Day held at the Home Depot Center... a full profile on Van Brown, which was first posted in early January, will also be included in our weekend report.

PEARL RIVER CC, MS (March 24th) wide receiver LARRY BRACKINS ran between 4.54 and 4.56 in the 40... fastest time was 4.52... 35.5" vertical... 9'7" broad jump... was satisfied with his shuttle times... 6043, 215 pounds... caught passes from Fred McNair, a former AFL standout, who is now coaching at Millsaps, MS college... had about a 35-45 minute positional workout, running routes and catching passes... 40-times came on grass... four teams, Houston, Minnesota, New Orleans and Philadelphia, were on hand for today's workout... already has a private visit with Tampa Bay scheduled for early April.

CHAPMAN, CA (March 24th) senior quarterback PATRICK JOSTEN (#15) ran between 4.68 and 4.72 in the 40... has been timed in the 4.55 range, while training... 30" vertical... 8'9" broad jump... 29 7/8" arms... 8 1/2" hands... weighed in at 6000, 189 pounds... has the frame to fillout to 200 pounds... threw passes for between 45 minutes to an hour... showed equal or better arm strength than Hawaii senior quarterback Timmy Chang, who was his counterpart in the workout... threw all the routes during his workout... has good athletic ability... little undersized by NFL standards, but has also drawn a lot of attention from CFL teams... Coach Hue Jackson of Cincinnati ran the workout for the quarterbacks... his results came as part of the Pro Day held at the Home Depot Center.

SAN DIEGO STATE (March 24th) senior safety JOSHUA DEAN ran between 4.62 and 4.70 in the 40... stayed with his results from his recent Pro Day in the shuttle and cone drills... 30 1/2" arms... 9" hands... weighed in at 6010, 216 pounds... this might be the most interesting note of the day on him, since his height was 5117 at his own Pro Day... his results came as part of the Pro Day held at the Home Depot Center... as noted earlier the track was wet/slippery for everone, as it rained right before and during the 40-yard dash.

MEMPHIS (March 24th) senior fullback ROBERT DOUGLAS (#34) ran between 4.62 and 4.63 in the 40... 4.05 short shuttle... 7.12 three-cone... 39" vertical... 19 reps of 225 pounds... 10'4.5"/10'5" broad jump... weighed in at 6014, 237 pounds... he was profiled in our most recent report (3/21/05), as a guy to keep an eye on at his Pro Day... Tennessee was one of several teams that walked away saying they were going to watch more tape of him... already has a private workout scheduled with Philadelphia... senior defensive tackle ALBERT MEANS ran between 5.23 and 5.24 in the 40... 27.5" vertical... 8'8" broad jump... did not bench press, as he had done 26 reps of 225 pounds at the Combine... weighed in at 6037, 318 pounds... senior quarterback DANNY WIMPRINE ran between 4.72 and 4.75 in the 40... 34" vertical... 9'1"/9'3" broad jump... weighed in at 6000, 225 pounds... a total of 14 teams were in attendance for this workout.

ALABAMA STATE (March 24th) senior safety ROCK DILLON ran between 4.60 and 4.62 in the 40... 4.21 short shuttle... 38.5" vertical... 10'10" broad jump and 16 reps of 225 pounds... his results came as part of the Pro Day held at Memphis.

COLORADO STATE (March 24th) senior running back MARCUS HOUSTON ran between 4.50 and 4.55 in the 40... 34" vertical... 10'4" broad jump... 22 reps of 225 pounds, which came after the workout; has been doing 25-plus while training... weighed in at 6015, 219 pounds... also did positional drills, as a running back... a few teams have inquired about his ability/willingness to possibly be tried/worked out as a safety... it was not done today, but he has said he just wants the chance to play in the NFL... so while he prefers running back he would be willing to do any/all drills requested by NFL teams... cold, outdoor conditions, even snowed pre-workout.

SAN JOSE STATE (March 24th) senior offensive lineman OSMAR STAPLES (#73) ran between 5.42 and 5.48 in the 40... some had him a little slower; 5.50... 27" vertical... 7'0" broad jump... weighed in at 6044, 318 pounds (317.5 to be exact)... his results came as part of the Pro Day held at Virginia Tech... has drawn interest from Carolina, NY Giants and Philadelphia... previously was interviewed by Arizona and San Diego on March 17th at Virginia Tech's first Pro Day.

TEXAS (March 23rd) senior running back CEDRIC BENSON ran between 4.58 and 4.65 in the 40... some had as fast as 4.55, others as slow as 4.68... here's a breakdown of his 40's... he was whistled to stop, as he had a rolling start on his first attempt, slipped on his second attempt, so his times came on his 3rd and 4th attempts... 4.21/4.40 short shuttle... 7.48/7.52 three-cone... 33" vertical... also did 21 reps of 225 pounds, but some recorded only 18 of those, as he failed to lockout... weighed in at 5106, 225 pounds... his positional drills were very good, but not great... looked best with the ball in his hands... making his cuts and running out most/all of his runs... caught passes well, but was a little slower than normal in terms of his quickness/footwork... did not mention or complain about any type of injury... was also not overweight or out of shape... he's a power runner with average 40-speed, but very good "Game Day" speed on the field... quick to hole... very good vision... physical runner... good, but not great hands... Miami (Nick Saban), Chicago (Jerry Angelo) were two of the teams that did not have a very important evaluator in attendance for this workout because they were still out in Hawaii at the NFL Owners' meeting... Benson spent about 10 minutes with Miami RB coach Bobby Williams after the workout... senior linebacker DERRICK JOHNSON was happy with his results from the Combine... was terrific in his positional drills... looked nearly as fluid as some of the defensive backs... ran on FieldTurf in the school's indoor practice bubble, which is an average running surface in terms of speed... if you are trying to evaluate the attitude or mental state of the top two guys during the workout, "Cedric (Benson) was laughing and joking with current and former teammates the whole day, while Derrick (Johnson) was his usual calm self", according to one school official...

NORTHERN COLORADO (March 23rd) senior wide receiver VINCENT JACKSON did not run the 40-yard dash... 4.00/4.01 short shuttle... 10'9" broad jump... 23 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6046, 239 pounds... Cleveland and Denver have shown a lot of interest, plus he has as many as 6-8 teams looking to schedule private visits over the next few weeks... has made a big move between the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine... likely Top-50 if not better, as of today.

USC (March 23rd) senior defensive lineman SHAUN CODY ran between 5.02 and 5.08 in the 40... 4.48 short shuttle... 7.78/7.82 three-cone... 30" vertical... 8'1" broad jump... weighed in at 6037, 292 pounds... looked a little sluggish throughout his workout... if you remember during the week of the Combine we made mention of the fact that there has been some concerns not about his character or work ethic, but more because he is a well-known "Party" guy... senior defensive tackle MIKE PATTERSON ran between 4.91 and 4.95 in the 40... 4.48/4.50 short shuttle... 7.62 three-cone... 32.5" vertical... 9'0" broad jump... weighed in at 5113, 291 pounds... was exceptional in the positional drills... very explosive... makes great use of his hands... will be an ideal 3-tech DT, but lacks ideal size to play on the nose... senior quarterback MATT CASSEL ran between 4.86 and 4.91 in the 40... 4.06 short shuttle... 7.20 three-cone... 34" vertical... 9'7" broad jump... weighed in at 6043, 222 pounds... had an excellent positional workout... tight spirals... very good velocity... accurate on all of his throws, including the deep routes... which impressed scouts who have very little game film to review on him... will not be surprised if he gets drafted ahead of several other more experienced QBs come Day Two of the draft (5th round)... senior safety JASON LEACH ran between 4.60 and 4.62 in the 40... 4.15 short shuttle... 7.32 three-cone... 37.5" vertical... 9'8.5" broad jump... 21 reps of 225 pounds... weighs in at 5106, 210 pounds... overshadowed on a great team with a lot of eligible defensive prospects... if he played on another Pac-10 defense his grade could be higher because he would have received more attention... shows some good skills on film; can play a little FS/SS... smart, good instincts... under-the-radar guy that comes in and makes a team... junior linebacker LOFA TATUPU ran between 4.72 and 4.75 in the 40... 4.42/4.56 short shuttle... 7.65 three-cone... 9'8" broad jump... weighed in at 6000, 240 pounds... looks to have really bulked up (225-228), since the end of the season, but is a little tight/unflexible... senior safety/linebacker MATT GROOTEGOED ran between 4.74 and 4.78 in the 40... 4.34 short shuttle... 7.38 three-cone... 34" vertical... 22 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5104, 211 pounds... senior kicker RYAN KILLEEN nailed a 56-yard field goal attempt with the wind... struggled some dealing with the windy conditions on his kickoffs... sailed into the endzone with the wind, but had many come down between the 10-and-15 yard line kicking against the wind... also ran 4.60 in the 40... has drawn interest from Indianapolis, San Francisco among others... senior tight end GREGG GUENTHER, who just finished playing college basketball 2-3 weeks ago, ran between 4.90 and 4.98 in the 40... senior tight end ALEX HOLMES ran between 5.02 and 5.08 in the 40... senior wide receiver JASON MITCHELL ran between 4.43 and 4.48 in the 40... senior cornerback RONALD NUNN ran between 4.48 and 4.52 in the 40... both might have jumped up from FA to PFA grades... Mitchell was a little-used reserve receiver who had a very productive JC career before USC... all times were recorded on an outdoor, rubber track with a bit of wind to the players' back.

N.C. STATE (March 23rd) senior offensive tackle CHRIS COLMER ran between 5.17 and 5.22 in the 40... 4.58/4.65 short shuttle... 7.50/7.66 three-cone... 29" vertical... 8'9" broad jump and also did 29 reps of 225 pounds, which was the most important figure he posted, since he missed all of the 2003 campaign with a viral infection which limited his strength and also had off-season shoulder surgery... weighed in at 6052, 306 pounds... his nasty demeanor, aggressiveness and desire to finish off all of his blocks will help him move up on draft day; mid-second to third round... senior safety TROY GRAHAM ran between 4.40 and 4.45 in the 40, but .10 to .12 was added to all of the times, as they were run on indoor rubber floor surface... so he was given 4.52 to 4.55... 36" vertical... 15 reps of 225 pounds... his full results will be available in our weekend report... junior running back T.A. MCCLENDON ran between 4.61 and 4.68 in the 40... offensive line and defensive back coaches were the most noticeable NFL faces in attendance.

UT-CHATTANOOGA (March 23rd) senior wide receiver ALONZO NIX (#4) ran between 4.53 and 4.56 in the 40... .10 will likely be taken off his times by most teams, as he ran on a GO2 surface, which was damp, grass which was also a little choppy... ran between 4.28/4.36 short shuttle... 7.20/7.30 three-cone... 34.5" vertical... did it one-handed against an outdoor surface, so most would convert that to 36.5"... also did ten reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5106, 190 pounds... had been 5113, 195 pounds at a recent private workout... his workout came at Laurel High School, which is located 20-25 minutes away from Southern Mississippi... scouts from five teams, Jacksonville, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Seattle and Tennessee were in attendance... Tim Mingey (Jaguars) put him through a number of positional drills, as he caught the ball very well... three other teams took him aside to request add details and seek game film... his high school teammate, SOUTHERN U. senior cornerback/return man KEVIN MOFFETT ran between 4.47 and 4.56 in the 40... under the same conditions, so his times could also be adjusted... he will do another full workout at Southern U. second Pro Day on March 30th right after LSU's Pro Day.

MASSACHUSETTS (March 23rd) senior fullback RICH DEMERS (#40) ran between 4.55 and 4.67 in the 40... 4.03 short shuttle... 6.93 three-cone... 33.5" vertical... 11.40 60-yard... did 39 reps of 225 pounds, but had 8 DQ'd for not locking out/back off the bench, so 31 reps officially... weighs 6006, 258 pounds... we brought up the fact that he would post some of the best workout numbers of any available fullback in a recent report... also caught passes after doing other positional drills... many thought he showed, as good hands/routes as many of the receivers working out... his results came as part of the Pro Day held at Boston College.

LAMBUTH, TN (March 23rd) senior offensive tackle STEFAN RODGERS (#55) ran between 5.21 and 5.24 in the 40... 4.53/4.60 short shuttle... 7.65 three-cone... 31" vertical... 8'5" broad jump and also did 22 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in 6034, 304 pounds... due to the weather conditions he ran the 40 on an old tennis court and his shuttle and drills were done on a soggy, grass field... a total of four teams were in attendance... he has a private workout scheduled for later today (25th) with five new teams coming in, plus a private visit scheduled with Chicago.

PURDUE (March 23rd) senior fullback/linebacker JON GOLDSBERRY (#44) ran between 4.62 and 4.65 in the 40... 26 reps of 225 pounds... 31" vertical... 9'6.5" broad jump... weighed in at 6010, 250 pounds... did not do any shuttle drills, as he was happy with his first Pro Day results... bettered his numbers in every other category from the first Pro Day... has been drawing interest from a wide variety of teams who have told him he's positioned himself to be taken in the late rounds.

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS (March 23rd) senior linebacker/defensive end ANDREW FRANKLIN ran between 4.75 and 4.77 in the 40... 4.33 short shuttle... 7.37 three-cone... 35.5" vertical... 9'10 1/4" broad jump and also did 19 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6017, 229 pounds... has the ability to carry 240 pounds over time... more of a special teams/situational pass rusher type right now... has some prior experience at linebacker, but played up at defensive end during most of his college career... sort of along the lines of Patrick Chukwurah (Denver)... players ran on a wet, outdoor FieldTurf surface in 35-degree temperature with 10-20 MPH winds... a total of eight teams were in attendance for this workout.

CENTRAL FLORIDA (March 23rd) senior safety ATARI BIGBY ran between 4.54 and 4.58 in the 40... some had him faster 4.52... only ran once, as his hamstring tightened up on his second attempt... this has been more than an occasional problem for him... did not get to finish his workout; shuttles and positional drills... passed on the initial testing done inside... over the past three weeks he has told a few interested agents that he is representing/marketing himself, but yet he is still under contract with an agent as of today... senior running back ALEX HAYNES ran between 4.52 and 4.55 in the 40... 3.87/3.92 short shuttle... 38" vertical... 10'0" broad jump... did not bench press, as he had done 21 reps of 225 pounds at the Combine... weighed in at 5096, 224 pounds... did positional drills, which were directed by Cincinnati... has a private workout with Miami either today or Monday as well.

RICHMOND (March 23rd) senior offensive lineman MICHAEL ROGERS ran between 5.09 and 5.13 in the 40... 29" vertical... 8'10" broad jump and also did 30 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6037, 304 pounds... was also asked to do positional drills after the workout... his results came as part of the Pro Day held at Boston College.

NORTH CAROLINA (March 22nd) senior running back JACQUE LEWIS ran between 4.50 and 4.55 in the 40... 4.18 short shuttle... 6.98 three-cone... 37" vertical... 10'1" broad jump and also did 19 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5096, 189 pounds... did positional drills, as both a running back and wide receiver... seems fully recovered from surgery to repair a broken foot he suffered in November (13th)... did very well catching passes and running routes... has received additional attention from Carolina, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Seattle.

GEORGIA SOUTHERN (March 22nd) senior running back/return man CHAZ WILLIAMS ran between 4.37 and 4.50 in the 40... was asked to run three times, as some had him even fast with the wind (4.27) and others had him slower (4.42) on the same run... 4.21 short shuttle... 7.01 three-cone... 37" vertical... 10'1" broad jump and also did 17 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5100, 213 pounds... caught the ball very well during his positional drills... after the workout, he said he was a little out of breath between the 40s and shuttles, as he had been timed at 4.0 or better and 6.9 range, while training... had a private workout with Philadelphia yesterday, since they could not attend his Pro Day.

COLUMBIA (March 22nd) senior tight end WADE FLETCHER ran between 4.82 and 4.88 in the 40... 4.29 short shuttle... 6.94 three-cone... 31.5" vertical... 9'1.5" broad jump and also did 19 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6067, 253 pounds... had 111 catches, 1,449 yards and 11 touchdowns in just two years (transferred from Northern Colorado)... also had six 100-yard plus yard games during that same period of time... catch his games versus Brown (2004) and Dartmouth (2003)... better than advertised athlete; ran track and played basketball in high school... has a number of relatives playing college sports, both his dad and uncle played major college football too... his results came as part of the Pro Day held at Hofstra, which featured scouts from Green Bay, Houston, NY Giants and NY Jets... FYI... he wore jersey #8, as a senior and jersey #84, as a junior.

NEVADA (March 22nd) senior defensive tackle CHRIS BARRY ran between 5.00 and 5.03 in the 40... 4.43 short shuttle... 7.43 three-cone... 30" vertical... 8'11" broad jump and also did 22 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6020, 278 pounds... has previously play at 282-286 pounds, but most teams would like to see him get up to the 290-pound range... held after the workout to take a number of test; Wonderlic, Troutwine and others... New Orleans seemed to pay close attention to his workout... senior offensive lineman HARVEY DAHL ran between 5.46 and 5.48 in the 40... also did 19 reps of 225 pounds... senior running back/wide receiver TALIB WISE ran between 4.43 and 4.47 in the 40... 4.06 short shuttle... 35.5" vertical... 11.07 60-yard... weighed in at 5114, 205 pounds... shifted out to wide receiver, as a senior... but previously played running back and can also be used on returns... had a big day against a very solid Fresno State defense (21-124 yards)... senior running back/fullback CHANCE KRETSCHMER ran between 4.63 and 4.65 in the 40... a total of five teams were in attendance for this workout.

MISSISSIPPI (March 22nd) senior offensive lineman DOUG BUCKLES ran between 5.28 and 5.31 in the 40... did 19 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6040, 300 pounds, which was 11 pounds lighter than at the Combine... has also been getting evaluated at the center spot... has a private workout scheduled with Miami on March 29th.

MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE (March 17th) senior cornerback DANNY TOLBERT ran between 4.40 and 4.45 in the 40... 4.23 short shuttle... 33" vertical... 9'3"/10'2" broad jump and also did 16 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5100, 190 pounds... also did positional drills for scouts... many of whom came away impressed with his athleticism and straight-line speed... real positive for him was that they also wanted to review more of his game tapes.

ARKANSAS TECH (March 7th) senior offensive guard JONATHAN HAYES (#60) ran 4.97 and 5.04 in the 40... 4.72 short shuttle... 29" vertical... 8'5" broad jump... also did 25 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6046, 297 pounds... sprained his right ankle on the three-cone drill... has done some deep snapping earlier in his career... March 29th at Arkansas Pine-Bluff... Indianapolis and New Orleans were in attendance... Houston and Kansas City have shown interest since his Pro Day... senior cornerback LEROY HOOD (#11) has been timed at 4.45 in the 40... 34.5" vertical... also done 18 reps of 225 pounds... has been working on the shuttle and cone drills, but they have not been timed in recent weeks... currently weighs 6010, 208 pounds... game films available on these two prospects include Harding U. and Henderson State... please contact their representative about more information on the March 29th workout.

DUKE (March) senior wide receiver/return man SENTERRIO LANDRUM ran between 4.51 and 4.54 in the 40... 4.46 short shuttle... 7.35 three-cone... 33" vertical... 8'10" broad jump... 12.16 60-yard... weighed in at 5086, 190 pounds (189.5 to be exact)... a total of six teams were in attendance for his workout.


AKRON senior quarterback CHARLIE FRYE, who has a private workout scheduled for April 1st... had a private workout on Thursday (March 24th) with Miami... it also featured free agent wide receiver Nick Sparks, who is 6030, 210 pounds, 4.55 in the 40.

AUBURN senior quarterback JASON CAMPBELL has private visits setup with Cleveland, Miami, Tampa Bay and Tennessee, as well as two others pending.

MICHIGAN senior wide receiver BRAYLON EDWARDS has private visits setup with Chicago, Detroit and Tampa Bay, and several others pending.

CALIFORNIA senior quarterback AARON RODGERS and UTAH junior quarterback ALEX SMITH, both have private visits scheduled with Tampa Bay.

ALBANY (NY) senior safety/linebacker KURT CAMPBELL has added a private visit to Seattle to his list of events, which were all listed in our most recent report (3/23/05)... he will also be available along with senior offensive GEIR GUDMUNDSEN on Monday, March 28th... Buffalo, Dallas, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Miami and St. Louis are scheduled to attend that workout... with Jacksonville coming in on April 5th to workout the recently impressive Gudmundsen, who has also received some recent interest from Cincinnati.

BOISE STATE senior cornerback GABRIEL FRANKLIN has a private visit scheduled with Seattle.

FLORIDA senior cornerback REYNALDO HILL has private visits scheduled with Atlanta and Jacksonville, while both Miami and New England visited him on-campus in the past week.

FRESNO STATE junior safety JAMES SANDERS has a private visit scheduled with New England.

HAMPTON U. senior wide receiver/return man JEROME MATHIS has private workouts with both Indianapolis and San Francisco upcoming, as both teams want to evaluate his return skills in-person... mainly to watch him catch punts.

HAMPTON U. senior center JELANI CLEMENT has drawn interest from Arizona, Houston, Jacksonville and Miami.

HOUSTON senior cornerback STANFORD ROUTT has a private visit scheduled with Indianapolis.

IOWA senior defensive tackle JONATHAN BABINEAUX has a private visit scheduled with the NY Jets.

MISSOURI junior defensive tackle C.J. MOSLEY has a private visit scheduled with the NY Jets.

PENN senior cornerback DUVOL THOMPSON has a private workout with Detroit, who has worked him out once already... also scheduled to visit Chicago and Philadelphia.

WILLIAM PENN (IA) senior wide receiver EDWARD SIMMS (#88) has been invited to the local college workout being held by Washington on April 1st, as he grew up in D.C./VA area... he was not made aware of the March 22nd Pro Day at his own school, so we will have updated numbers on him once he completes this workout.

*Special thanks to Carlos Holmes and Josh Buchanan, who will be helping to cover/record results from several of their regionally accessible Pro Days over the coming days/weeks.

*Be sure to listen to Sirius' NFL Radio program each day leading up to April's NFL Draft.

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