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Looking for a Gift for the Patriots Fan That Has Everything?

Steve Balestrieri
April 19, 2019 at 7:54 am ET

We all know that New England Patriots fans are avid about having the latest and best shirts, hats, videos etc.that have to do about the team, the Super Bowl wins and the on-going dynasty for the past two decades.  

And if you’re looking for a gift for that person who has just about everything Patriots-related then this book is just for you. A company called “In-the-Book” has compiled a history of the Patriots told thru articles in the Washington Post.

It is a very nicely done, hardbound cover history of the team. Some of the earlier articles, taken from the Post’s archives don’t have the clarity of the more recent pieces but reading a story about the 1960 team where Butch Songin led the Pats to a 38-21 victory over the New York Titans right next to ads that are selling brand new snow tires for $12.77 a piece or a car lot selling brand new imports for $1500 is interesting to see how things truly have changed.

There are articles, pictures, and box scores from many of the games that… if you were even around back then, you’d long forgotten about but then a glance at the piece or box score will bring back a flood of memories. Some good, some not-so-good. But that represents a true history of this franchise.

The company had reached out to us and sent us a copy for our review, and will even publish a dedication inside to someone. For our purposes, I figured that it would be best served by giving it to a young fan who would appreciate the history and have something to keep and use for reference. So, I dedicated our copy to Brady Goldman, our colleague Russ’ son. He’s gotten big into the team the past few years as he’s grown up and now can’t get enough.

This would be a perfect gift for those like him or that older fan who has everything and will present a good look at the days of yore.  

You can order one here by clicking on the link:

The company has excellent customer service personnel who will be very helpful if you have any questions and is a great keepsake for the Patriots fan who would like a beautifully done book that can be passed on to the next generation of fans.

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Patriots Top Five Best All-Time Draft Classes

Steve Balestrieri
April 19, 2016 at 9:59 am ET

Top 5 Patriots Draft Classes Hard to Nail Down

The 2016 NFL Draft is almost here and although the New England Patriots don’t have a first round draft pick due to the Deflategate sanctions by the league, with 11 draft picks they have a lot of capital to play with.

We went back and made a list of our Top 5 drafts in the Patriots history. And the 2016 class will have some big shoes to fill if one day they want to be included in the group of the top drafts in franchise history.

There was a lot of material to go through so we looked for impact players that contributed a lot of success to the team for an extended period of time. And while there is plenty of room for debate as to what year’s class gets in and which doesn’t everyone one of these draft classes was a haul for the team.

So without further ado, here’s our Top Five Patriots’ Draft Classes of All time: