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Bengals NFLPA Report Card Was Damning

Ian Logue
Ian Logue on Twitter
February 29, 2024 at 4:22 pm ET

Bengals NFLPA Report Card Was Damning(PHOTO: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)

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While the NFLPA’s report card of the Patriots was certainly disappointing, it’s hard not to look at what’s going on in Cincinnati and try to keep from shaking your head.

Anyone who remembers the state of things at the old Foxboro Stadium will likely look at this one and wonder how, in the year 2024 in a league flush with billions of dollars, how an NFL owner can allow things to be in this state.

According to the report card, Bengals players reported that, “The locker room is another major issue for the players. Approximately 50% of the showers don’t work; they either don’t provide warm water or there isn’t enough water pressure. They face consistent plumbing issues that limit the amount of functioning toilets the players can use.”

For a team that is considered to be a potential Super Bowl threat for the AFC, that is absolutely unbelievable.

Another notable mention was the fact that, “They are the only team that closes their cafeteria on the players’ day off, even though many of the players come to the facility on off days for extra preparation and recovery.”

“The club did begin to provide three meals a day on Wednesdays only this year. But they are one of two teams in the league that don’t provide three meals a day each day for the players.”

That’s also pretty shocking.  Keep in mind that most of these players, especially rookies, practice squad guys, and even a lot of the younger guys, they’re just kids.  Many of them have only focused on football, and a lot of them are also still learning not only how to be professional athletes, but also how to be adults.

So to not provide meals at the facility throughout the time they’re there working, especially guys who spend additional time into the evening reviewing tape, etc, it’s mind-blowing.  Especially given the importance of nutrition and trying to make sure they’re consistently putting the right things in their bodies as opposed to having to stop and grab fast food or whatever on the way home.

As a result, Cincinnati came in last in the Food/Cafeteria rating (F-, 32nd), Nutritionist Dietician (F-, 32nd), and 24th in the NFL in locker room (D+).  The fact that wasn’t worst is surprising given the plumbing issues.

Needless to say, while locally, the talking heads on air are slamming Robert Kraft for various things, despite Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt getting the official worst ranking by the NFLPA, it’s clear that Michael Brown (who came in 25th) deserves that honor by a landslide, at least given this news.

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