Kyle Van Noy Trolls Felger and Mazz Following Ron Burton Award Acceptance

Robert Alvarez
August 29, 2019 at 12:03 am ET

During Tuesday nights annual Patriots Premiere, linebacker Kyle Van Noy was presented with the 2019 Ron Burton Community Service Award.

Van Noy and his wife Marissa were recognized for their Van Noy Valor Foundation which helps adopted, foster and disadvantaged youth in need.

Van Noy tweeted out a thank you to the Patriots organization and Burton family, while subtlety trolling the local Boston sports radio show “Felger and Mazz.”

For reference in September 2018, the radio hosts said the following about Van Noy.

(Quote transcription courtesy Barstool Sports)

Van Noy later responded to the criticism with a simple request.

“Me, honestly, I don’t really care if anybody ever says I’m a bad player, because everyone’s entitled to their opinion,” Van Noy told “But once you come at my character, that’s what I got an issue with. Especially when I’ve never met you. Because it’s like, I know those two guys wouldn’t say that to my face because then they wouldn’t like what would be coming for them-type-of-deal. “It’s just, people don’t like you and that’s OK. I’m OK with that, but since those guys are on a national, or more importantly in the Boston area, you would think they would want to be more appreciative of the guys that play football for the Patriots instead of being negative. I’m going to extend an invitation for them to come to my fundraiser coming up and see what I’m really about.”

Neither host appeared at the fundraiser.

So while Felger and Mazz may have moved on to calling somebody else an “ass” for no reason, the Patriots understand what Van Noy really is all about.

Van Noy will look to continue to proving the doubters wrong entering year four in Foxboro.