PHOTO: Malcolm Butler Receives 2017 AFC Champions Ring

Robert Alvarez
July 17, 2018 at 12:53 pm ET

On his Instagram story Monday, Tennessee Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler shared a photo of his 2017 AFC Championship ring with a “blessed emoji.”

Although the game may not have turned out the way Butler or the Patriots would have liked, he continues to show nothing but praise and appreciation for head coach Bill Belichick despite the surprise benching in the Super Bowl.

On Monday, Butler compared his current head coach Mike Vrabel to Belichick, stating, “You can tell Mike played for Belichick because you can see some of the similarities. They’re about winning the way New England is about winning.”

“One thing I saw early: Mike will put you on blast. He don’t care who’s around. He’s going to say what’s right. He might be a bit looser than Bill Belichick, but they’re both great guys. A man caught a ball on me—honestly I don’t know his name yet—but Mike let me hear about it. ‘Don’t get stuck on top of the routes like that! Make a play!’ Nobody cares where you come from or what you make. Everyone’s equal. And you can tell from the head coach all the way down to the interns, everybody wants to win.”