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Patriots at Giants: Bill Belichick PostGame Transcript

Ian Logue
Ian Logue on Twitter
6 years ago at 10:51 pm ET
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Patriots at Giants: Bill Belichick PostGame TranscriptMatthew Emmons - USA TODAY Sports

That was quite a game.  There were so many elements to it, back and forth, offense, defense, special teams, turnovers, big plays, penalties, I mean there were just a whole lot of things.  But you know in the end our guys made the plays that they they needed to make.  You know, the big stop down there on the goal line when the Giants got it down there, they tried to run that roll out, kind of pick-play that they like and we defended that, we were able to get the ball back and just barely had enough time to, you know, get into field goal range and, of course, Steve made a great kick.  So, you know, give our players the credit.  They really stepped up and made a lot of great plays.  Obviously the Giants are a good football team, they gave us all we could handle.  But it’s good to come down here and win.

On the fact Stephen Gostkowski hums a song during the timeout before he kicks and if there are any songs he sings:

[Laughs] No.

No Bon Jovi?

Just trying to coach the game.

On how emotional this game is for him having won two Super Bowls with the Giants and having coached against them:

I don’t think you really think about all that.  Just happy for the guys that are here and the team.  We put a lot into this game and we played hard, competed hard, and it was good to win it.  That’s really what it’s about.  It’s not about some other game or year or anything like that.”

On if he thought the play to Beckham was going to stand [Where Butler knocked the ball out] or if he knew the rule well enough where he was confident it wouldn’t:

“I don’t know, it looked like a close play.  There were a lot of close plays in that game.  I’m sure they reviewed it.”

On if he’s seen many teams better than this in terms of the back and forth they’ve had between them:

“It’s always good to win.  I’m not ranking them.  It’s just good to win.”

On if, from his vantage point, he could tell ball was going through the uprights:

“It looked pretty good, yeah. I was kind of back on it, it looked pretty good. It looked like it was going to be inside the left upright.  Fifty-three for Steve, especially kicking that way which, there wasn’t a lot of wind but I think what little wind there was it was tending to blow that direction but there was, I think, a little more wind earlier in the game.  It seemed like it died down from their bench to our bench.  So if anything I think the wind was kind of blowing it to the kicker’s left.  But, you know, Steven hit’s a true ball.  I mean, we’ve seen him hit so many of those in practice and in games and you know when it came off his foot you could see that, you know, that straight end-over-end tumble, it was true.  I mean, look, that’s the guy you want  out there.  You want your best player in that situation to have an opportunity to win the game for you and he did as he’s done many times before.”

On the fact Malcolm Butler and Beckham Jr. battled back and forth:

“Yeah, they competed.  That’s two good football players.  Beckham’s a tremendous player, can’t say enough about how competitive he is.  I think those two guys probably have a lot in common in terms of their competitiveness, their toughness.  They’re both a little under-sized but big hearts and big competitors and Beckham’s tough.  He does everything well.  We talked about him all week and he was impressive today.”

On what made him be aggressive with his timeouts at the end:

“I mean, we just thought that was the best way to handle it.  Just force the issue.”

On if part of him was relieved when Manning threw the 18-yard pass to Harris to get inside the 10-yard line:


On if the offensive game plan changes when they lose a player like Edelman or if it’s a “next man up” situation:

“Yeah, I mean the game plan is the game plan.  We can’t draw up 20 new plays because something happens.  I don’t think you can coach a game like that.  Gotta do what we do.  Guys practice and we have to back up every position, every player has to be ready to go.  We don’t know what’s going to happen in the game.  They had them on their side, we had them on our side. That’s the NFL.  It’s Pro Football.”

On if he was surprised in the Giants play-calling given where they were:

“You’ll have to ask them about that.  We were just trying to defend what came up.”

On what the play by Butler says about his continued development as a corner:

“Well, I mean, it’s been like that all year for Malcolm.  He’s played against great receivers every week going back to Brown vs Pittsburgh and, you know, every week he competes hard every week and he’s getting better.  Beckham’s a tremendous player, it’s a tough matchup.  But you know, he competed well, he made some plays, Beckham made some plays.  I think that’s what’s going to happen.  You put a highly competitive corner against a good receiver and a good quarterback.”

On if he’s proud of how Brady bounced back on that final drive:

“Yeah, I’m proud of all the players.  But I mean, that’s the way these games are.  You know you can’t worry about what happened in the first 58 minutes or 59 minutes or 56 minutes or whatever it, you know, the game comes down to a certain point and it’s how those two teams play from there on in, whether it’s the last minute, the last 30 seconds, the last three minutes.   You know, I mean we can see you know when that time is going to come in and that’s what it’s all about.  So Tom did a great job, the receivers, I mean, Danny did a great job to get a few extra yards on that last play, [Aaron] Dobson getting out of bounds.  You know, just being able to get the ball down there. You know, we were trying to get to the 35 even though Stephen could probably kick it a little further than that but that was kind of our target on this particular game with the situation, the conditions and so forth.  We got it there at six seconds on the clock to kick.  It’s kind of the way we wanted to do it.  Of course you can talk about all the situational football you want but it doesn’t really mean anything unless you make the kick. Joe [Cardona] and Ryan [Allen] and Steve obviously, you know, give them all the credit  in the world.  That’s a tough kick in that situation and they hit it.”

On the little things like Rob Ninkovich getting the sack to take them out of field goal range and saved three points…

Sure did.

…and the block by Martin on Herzlich on Amendola’s kick return and his thoughts on thsoe two plays:

“Yeah, Rob’s sack was huge.  You know, they were in field goal range there and that pushed them out they still had a couple more downs but we were able to keep them from getting close.  I mean, Brown’s another, you know, there were two good kickers on the field today.  Brown’s another great kicker.  I’m sure that, you know, his range, fifty three, four, five, I mean, he’s… I don’t think anybody’s made more than him or not many more anyway.  So that was a huge play to save those three points. Yeah, and then, you know Danny obviously faked the ‘peter’ call kind of the sign he wasn’t going to handle the ball then he handled it, looked like he caught them by surprise, got outside, we got a couple good blocks there.  You know, shame we didn’t score on the play but it was good that we were able to punch it in from the six there and get the touchdown and not get stopped after we had that kind of field position.  The offense did a great job of finishing it off.  But Danny, that was a big play to get us going.  If he had fair-caught the ball or whatever we would have been in bad field position, probably back around the, I don’t know, 12, 15 yard line, whatever it was.   It put us on the six, so, you know, again, good effort, good hustle by the guys on the punt return team after the rush to peel back around and once Danny got some, they had some effort to make those blocks block so, that was good.  Two big, huge plays in the game.  But the 3rd and 5 or whatever it was, on the on the sprint out where you know Manning couldn’t throw it, you know, slid and took the sack, that was obviously a big stop too in that situation.”

On if he sometimes needs a game like this to show him what he has:

I mean, look, we have to be ready every week.  We work on our two-minute offense, our four-minute offense, our two-minute defense, our four minute defense, we don’t know if we’re going to be ahead or behind, or if we’re going to need to make a kick, block a kick, whatever it is.  I mean, there’s a million plays, situational plays.  So we work on those every week and the ones that come up, we hope we prepared well enough that we can go out there and execute them.  Even the last play the game, we talked about that play too.  You know, it looked like, I’ll go back and watch the film, but to me it looked like we had that fairly well contained but you know they did a great job of keeping that ball alive.  I didn’t know it would go past the front line but it looked like Morris got it and once they started moving it around and got it to their skill players there, I mean, it still wasn’t over.  Give our guys credit for finishing the game.  That was the final out, but it was a tough one.

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