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Tom Brady Post Game Press Conference Transcript – “It was a good win”

Ian Logue
Ian Logue on Twitter
8 years ago at 2:36 am ET
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Tom Brady Post Game Press Conference Transcript –  “It was a good win”Mark L. Baer - USA TODAY Sports

On a night as special as this one, how he keeps his emotions in check:

It was a pretty special night so I was excited.  Our whole team was excited.  You know we haven’t had one of these games in a long time.  So it’s always fun being out there and getting the opportunity to go play and we took advantage of it.  It was a good win.  I thought our guys played hard.  Obviously there’s a lot of things we could do better. So, you know, we’re going to get back to work.  We’ve got 10 days before we go up to Buffalo and that’s always a tough place to play so we’ve got a lot of studying ahead and hopefully get a little rest this weekend and get back to work.

On what it was like playing with a rookie center and if he was comfortable with him:

Yeah, we’ve worked pretty hard getting him up to speed and he did a tremendous job. i think all three of those rookies that played on the inside, did phenomenal.  It’s a tall task to get them up to speed with all the different variations and protections and adjustments that we tend to make and I thought they really hung in there, they played with a lot of toughness. So it was great to … you know … Dave [Andrews] did a great job at center with Trey and Shaq and the two tackles are phenomenal.  So it was great protection all night, really allowed us to get some guys open down the field.

On how nice it was to have a night just about football:

Yeah, I mean I love being out there with my teammates playing and so. yes, I think it was you know, something I really look forward to and I was excited go out there and certainly to win.  To be 1-0.  So last year we started 0-1,  It’s always tough to do. But we got off to a little better start.

On if this felt like a different opening night as he looked ‘pretty jacked up’ on the sideline:

Yeah, I was pretty excited.  I think the regulars around here always see me pretty excited.  Especially running out there in pregame.  You know, coach says you always …  you put everything … you have one week and you put everything you can in for that one three hour performance. and it was just a big build up.  You know, we worked hard.   I felt like we had nine different review sessions to go over all the different things to cover and obviously they did a lot of things that we didn’t really expect or work on and we tried to make adjustments and it’s just how the opening week typically goes.  Trying to get to know your players their players make enough good plays to get the ball in the endzone.

On having him describe his first touchdown pass to Gronkowski:

Yeah, we went to the line pretty quick and it looked like they had some problems getting aligned and I was trying to call for the ball from the center, I was clapping my hands to let him know because there was a little bit of crowd noise and I was just trying to get the ball in my hands so I could make the throw. Just making sure we were set because I saw that you know they were misaligned so every time they don’t cover Gronk usually gets it, certainly in a situation like that down in the red area I thought we did a good job capitalizing.  That was a big play in the game.

On his second and third touchdown:

Yeah, the second one was the … oh yeah that was a great play he made a great catch. That was a good one and then the fade, the fade was good. We lined up in the set before and threw a different pass to Chandler and and he made a touchdown and Gronk got out there and had a mismatch.  You know, he’s such a big target out there, he’s got a great catch radius, so a lot of the times if I just put it up there close he comes down with it.

On the 52-yard pass to Gronkowski being a big momentum play:

That was a big play there blitzing from my left.  We picked it up and Gronk was able to run down the seam and they lost track of him. He made kind of a great run too, made the guy miss, made the safety miss, made a few other guys miss.  Obviously that was a huge play in the game.

On the fact Gronkowski didn’t play in the preseason and how tough it is to deal with that:

Um, I mean you don’t really forget how to play football. I think in the seven months so I think it was nice to be out there and, you know, it’s a little different than the preseason so I know the expectations are always high every time we take the field and I think it’s good to have that.  At the same time I think ,you know, it’s nice to focus on an opponent, work for seven or eight days on a team and try to figure out the things you do well that they don’t do so well, try to get some match ups and I think that’s what our team has always done a pretty good job of identifying, you know, the weaknesses and perceived weakness in the defensive then you try to go after those things. So Gronk made a lot of big plays tonight, Jules made a lot of big plays, we’ve got to keep getting everyone involved starting with the running game and getting LG back will be good. So we’ve got a lot of work ahead it’s a long season but it’s good to get off cared to get off to a win.

On the fact they had four red zone touchdowns between Gronk and Chandler and how much fun he anticipates things being going forward with those guys:

Yeah, they’re a tough match-up down there because obviously their size and their ability to get open in one-on-one coverage. If you want to play zone, we have a lot of options and then when it’s one-on-one you’ve got such big targets.  You know, four of those plays were, you know, that type of confusion on the first one, mismatch on the one to Chandler, mismatch on the one to Gronk  So we took advantage of another one on the little pop pass I threw right over the top of everybody.  So those guys are big they’re tough, they’re physical. Hopefully we can keep it going.  4-for-4 in the red area is a good place to start.

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