Morning News and Notes 4/14: Final Thoughts Before the Draft

Ian Logue
April 14, 2000 at 6:29 am ET

Some final thoughts before tomorrow’s draft:

1: The Ravens matched the offer for Folau. Oh well, quite a lot of money for a guy who is slated to be their back-up. Glad they have the luxury of all that cap space.

2: The Patriots WILL trade up, or make a move in tomorrow’s draft. I expect a surprise trade involving a fairly high profile player, and it would not surprise me if Terry Glenn was involved because of the fact that the only position in which Belichick mentioned that there was a lot of talent available was at wide receiver.

3: I’ve got a feeling that the Patriots may select JR Redmond instead of Travis Prentice. Redmond isn’t as tough a runner, nor does he hit the holes as hard as Prentice. Needless to say, cross your fingers.

4: The release of Bartrum is still moderately baffling. The guy made very little money, and was also a decent back-up tight end, which is a position that the Patriots greatly lack in depth right now.

5: If a deal goes through for Corey Dillon, we’ll most likely have Priest Holmes. This would make things interesting as far as whether or not the Patriots still draft a back at 46. With Belichick being a “defensive minded guy”, I’d probably expect him to grab a defensive lineman at 46 instead of a back. Offense hasn’t been his major concern so far, I wouldn’t think that will change.

6: I think that Derrick Fletcher will be pushed to become a starter this season. Many people thought that he was a steal because of where he was taken last year. Cross your fingers and hope they’re right.

7: No way do the Jets keep all those draft choices. With their salary cap problems they’d be in major trouble. Expect them to package choices to move up, no doubt about it.

8: If the season started tomorrow, Bill Belichick said that he’d be able to go with what they have on paper for players. Thankfully the season is five months away.

9: I strongly doubt that Terry Glenn will get his contract extension. Two-years left on his contract, and he hasn’t had two consecutive years of being injury-free and having strong production. Keyshawn was at least consistent.

10: Hope to see everyone tomorrow at Noon for the first annual Online Draft Party. The board and chat room open at noon!