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  1. varjao

    Patricia Vs Judge For Play Calling Duties?

    If these guys fail then we are looking at another turnover on coordinators next year and that's a crucial moment in Mac's development, not to mention I don't think this is a bad team, despite last year's disappointing finish. It's all about how teams play in December and once they make the...
  2. varjao

    DRAFT Welcome Bailey Zappe - QB - pick #137

    Questionable draft but I like this pick, you keep taking shots at QB no matter what, Stidshow days are over and Hoyer is a coach.
  3. varjao

    Patriots trade 5th Rounder

    well this is a weak draft, I don't mind. I would rather get a RB or a WR in the 5th round.
  4. varjao

    Duke Dawson

    I envy the free time you have to think about that possibility
  5. varjao

    Deebo wants out of SF

    There's a new (and very aggressive) market dynamics going on now, I get that, and in most cases it works but I just don't get, this dude is in a good position right now, why burn bridges like that? This is 100% motivated by money (no matter what he says) and getting a deal now before everyone...
  6. varjao

    Danny Amendola is a free agent

    in my opinion he’s had success as a Patriot, winning Superbowls, what else would you want? Regular season, not a great player, but I remember two things, one, his very first game was a tough game in Buffalo and he played his heart out, helped us coming back to the game big time, we won the game...
  7. varjao

    OT RIP Dwayne Haskins

    Occam's razor He wasn't the fastest guy, he either miscalculated that crossing or had a blind view
  8. varjao

    OT RIP Dwayne Haskins

    That's just terrible Apparently he ran out of gas on the highway and was walking when got hit by a dump truck
  9. varjao

    Fournette visiting Pats

    Exactly, he did pretty well in Tampa to go from that situation to split snaps in a RBBC system
  10. varjao

    Cole Beasley

    The way this offseason is going I wouldn't mind
  11. varjao

    Patriots Player Departure NEW ARTICLE: Patriots RB Bolden Reportedly Headed to Las Vegas

    Bolden is that kind of player, he is a good soldier, I wish him the best but every time he had the ball on his hand last season I was like, WTF can't they give the ball to someone better? He actually converted a lot of downs but still, seemed like a slow motion scene
  12. varjao

    Patriots Player Departure JC Jackson Bolting to the Bolts

    Well, about some comments (not specifics, just the general idea) "Chargers are for real", "Taking advantage of Herbert in a rookie deal" etc... Well, Herbert was in a 2nd year (after a good rookie year) and the Chargers didn't make the playoffs. The Patriots did, with a rookie QB and an...
  13. varjao

    Jarvis Landry?

  14. varjao

    OT: Mahomes married

    Slow off season huh
  15. varjao

    Deshaun Watson will NOT face criminal charges

    Very weird case from the beginning.