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  1. InRodWeRust

    Pats get multiple fines, Bills get NONE

    "It's very preposterous!" - Kramer
  2. InRodWeRust

    Which Patriot from the past would you add to the roster right now?

    It's the bye week so I though I would have some fun. So which Patriot from the past do you think would help the Pats the most for the rest of the season and post season? I'd love to hear your reasoning too if you could elaborate. 2007 Randy Moss (Killer deep threat but can Mac deliver?) 2004...
  3. InRodWeRust

    OT: Cam Newton entrance yesterday

    I wish him the best except when he plays us. He was dealt a crap hand last year when it came to offensive weapons and he appeared to do his best. He tied Steve Grogan for most rushing touchdowns as a Pat so that was pretty neat. Good luck to you Cam I'm happy to see you out there again!
  4. InRodWeRust

    OT : 40 teams

    However, the radio broadcasts of all the games still work. Funny as that may seem with all this mess, the radio broadcasts are the only thing that's really working good. And it's clear as a bell—don't ask me how.
  5. InRodWeRust

    Henry Catch or no?

    Nonsense! Overturning this play would have demoralized the Patriots causing an unbelievable chain of events that would have turned the game completely around.
  6. InRodWeRust

    Most hated teams across the country

    Ah yes I see the long storied history of the folks of Wyoming relighting their hatred for the Raiders . . . for some reason . . .
  7. InRodWeRust

    OT: Kurt Warner movie trailer

    I'd watch it if at least half of it was him crying that the Patriots cheated him out of a Superbowl. I need a good laugh
  8. InRodWeRust

    Harry out 4 weeks with shoulder injury

    Dump Harry and make room for the triumphant return of T.J. Moe!!! He can't be worse . . can he?
  9. InRodWeRust

    Cam Released

    I wonder how much of this was about Cam's attitude. It's one thing to lose out being the starter to someone else but to be completely cut is another. I would think if Mac was flat out better than Newton then Newton would simply be the backup. He must have thrown a fit or Bill knew he was going...
  10. InRodWeRust

    Well, now that Rhamondre's looking good in the RB rotation...

    You're a terrible movie! That was my favorite one! :mad:
  11. InRodWeRust

    Revisiting the 2001 Patriots

    Here's Adam Vinatieri kicking the game winner just like how I remember.
  12. InRodWeRust

    July 20 in Pats History: Malcolm Mitchell

    I get just as bummed out thinking about how Malcolm Mitchell had to retire early as I do Robert Edwards :(
  13. InRodWeRust

    Top 40 CBs of all time

    No Earthwind Moreland? This list is a joke!
  14. InRodWeRust

    June 29 in Pats History: Boston Patriots sign Joe Bellino

    Oh wow I can't believe someone else remembers! I think it was technically Main St. but yeah it was at an intersection with Swanton St. Yeah I was born and raised Winchester and lived there until I was 23. When did the Sachems lose their name and what are they called now? I don't understand what...
  15. InRodWeRust

    June 29 in Pats History: Boston Patriots sign Joe Bellino

    Anyone remember Bellino's Pizza in Winchester? . . . . . . *crickets* . . . . anybody?