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If Vince Wilfork retires from football, Steve Balestrieri believes Canton should be the veteran defensive tackle's next stop.

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@bostoncentral_ Good evening. The reserve contract means it doesn't go into effect until 2017 league year begins.

RT @MarkDanielsPJ: Patriots defense carries chip on their shoulder to AFC championship

If Rob Housler did indeed sign a Minimum Salary Benefit rule his 2017 salary will have the same cap hit as Derby's would have - $615K

RT @globejimmcbride: #Patriots have signed TE Rob Housler to a futures contract.

He looks totally different from when he was on Kings.

Now have the Patriots 2017 cap commitment after the Housler signing as $113,470,742 with 54 players signed or tendered.

Actually Seahorses are the horses of the ocean buddy.

Thursday's NFC Championship Game injury report:

After the Housler signing now have 54 Patriots on the 2017 roster. That presumes tendering the 3 ERFAs and signing the 10 ps players.

This definitely looks like it could be the hat of responsibility.

"Ben is an incredible player and he’s been that way since 2004 when he came into the league." #Patriots notes:…

“Holy Tuck: An Oral History of the Raiders-Patriots Tuck Rule Game” by Michael Weinreb

@JasonEscabi @pfwpaul yup. My wife's been worried about kids getting it. Paul doesn't seem to believe in it.

For some strange reason, that strikes me as really funny.

My guess is that Rob Housler signs a similar deal with the Pats - 775K, no signing bonus or gtd money. Cap = 615K.

Jaws on PTI just now said that Ben Roethlisberger has to wear the "hat of responsibility" this weekend against the Patriots.

RT @JMastrodonato: Farrell: 'Eyes will go to' Dustin Pedroia to replace David Ortiz's leadership ability on Red Sox…

RT @JMastrodonato: Will Mookie Betts raise his voice? "I try. I’m only 24 so it’s kind of hard to tell some 30-year-old man, Lets go." http…

RT @murphmj: Without Ortiz, Farrell looking toward Dustin Pedroia: "He’ll be a steady force for a lot of our young players.”…

Nope. Reports are 15 guys dealing with it.

RT @leahysean: John Farrell praises Pablo Sandoval, but promises competition in camp by @JMastrodonato…

@MoeMroue92 "Pittsburgh has the highest rated offense, seventh overall, they'll have faced"

@RobertoCFG @WEEI Hahaha....had a few people react like that.

@OjPats4 we discussed that this week. Much different playing a terrible colts team that upset Denver

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