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    Oddly enamored with Kyle Trask

    From a distance and not really having all the info you guys have,,just my guess,,that boy Mills from Stanford looks like possible 2 - 3 Round pick for us. Pretty certain we are not picking a QB in the First. Best wishes. Abdul
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    Early cuts to 80

    I actually ,,,hoping Jeff Thomas makes the roster. This kid has talent and is Very Fast. Said it right after the Draft. If his mind is straight,,,why not,,could be the Steal of the Year. Go Pats.
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    NEW ARTICLE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reveal First Photographs Of Tom Brady In Team Uniforms

    Tom Brady is my Hero ,,,,someone I will always be thankful and grateful for giving me and my 2 sons so much joy in Winning and being an Icon . We are not Americans,,but Tom Brady is Captain America to us. A Great Ambassador to the NFL and for us the Patriots. Let him enjoy his retirement in...
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    James Develin Announces Retirement on Instagram:

    What a Champion and Patriot ,,,,in fact everything about James is what A True Patriot is. His presence alone you can tell effected other players in a positive way. Thankyou from a fan from far away ,,enjoy family life Champ.
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    O/T: Sorry I Haven't Posted In Awhile

    Welcome back and stay safe. Blessings to you and your family Gwedd. Are you Welsh or have Welsh blood,,just curious with your name. Take care and Ramadan Kareem brother.❤
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    The Official 2020 UDFA Signing Thread

    I am willing to bet Jeff Thomas makes the Roster. Looks a great pickup ,,,Speed speed ,speed and good hands. That is if he stays out of trouble and is mature. Fantastic and blessed athlete ,,,
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    Day 2 Targets

    Hello to all ,,,first post in the Draft section for me. I said this in another thread 3 days ago,,,,I keep feeling we Draft Jalen Hurts today sometime. He might fall in the 3rd Round. Just my gut feeling,,no reason other than I like him and that he did play for Saban.
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    OT: Ramadan Kareem

    Greetings and Blessings to all ,,,just to say as our Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us,,which starts this Friday 24 th April. For myself and all Muslims all over the World ,,as we fast and pray ,,we will pray for all mankind and to rid us of this Virus and to bring the whole World together as...
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    2020 NEP Draft Big Board/Draft

    Firstly ,,Salam Alaikum and pray everybody is well and healthy in these unprecedented times. Only my 2 cents and guessing from far away in Bahrain that I definitely think we Trade down ,,,,no way BB picks at 23. My second prediction is I dont know who the hell we pick first,,,,however my gut...
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    Tanguay: Brady “embarrassed” by his compensation, is leaving

    Although I live and come from Bahrain,,,even I know that Tanguay is an idiot.
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    We are sorry, love you Saints

    I may not be American,,but I know the United States. There is no City more deserving this Super Bowl ,,than New Orleans. You know how to welcome visitors and how to party. Beautiful wonderful warm and lovely music . Now my Pats are out ,,GO SAINTS.
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    How much do losses affect you?

    I am not American ,,,,and live miles away. We always say ' Alhumdilillah ',,,Thank God ,,,,whatever is meant to be is meant to be by the Grace of The Almighty. So I keep saying that whenever we lose because we have been Blessed and Spoiled for 2 Decades and it doesnt hurt anymore. Every game we...
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    NFL has suspended Josh Gordon indefinitely

    I am sad over this ,,and all I can do is say a Prayer for him. Really hurt me to read this,,,and he also seems such a beautiful human being and someone gentle. Inshallah he gets all the help he can but sadly I think his NFL career seems over.
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    Playing to Harry's strengths

    Can someone please show that incredible catch he made which was called back ,,penalty on Edelman!! WOW Unbelievable that was. That's hopefully for the future.