Brady & Moss Among the Best Patriots Players Rodney Harrison Ever Played With

Ian Logue
August 23, 2011 at 3:50 pm ET

Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison was on Twitter this afternoon answering questions, and one fan asked him who the best player he’s ever played with would be.

On the offensive side of the ball one Harrison picked Tom Brady and Randy Moss.

On the defensive side of the ball, Harrison’s selection was somewhat surprising.

Was it Tedy Bruschi? Richard Seymour?  Vince Wilfork?  Mike Vrabel?  Maybe someone from the 2003 or 2004 championship teams?

No, here’s who he picked:

Tweeted Harrison: “On the defensive side, Junior Seau is the best that I played with.”

Seau played with Harrison back in San Diego before the former safety came to New England, and it looks like those days – along with the seasons he played here in New England – made quite an impression on the current NBC and NFL Network analyst.

Harrison goes on to Tweet that he expects the Patriots to be better defensively this year, and thinks they’ll be in the ‘top 5’ for points allowed this season.

  • Bill

    That’s because he played with Junior Seau for a LOOOOOOOONG time in San Diego before they went to the Pats.

  • That’s actually a good call. Rodney was here for so long, it slipped my mind that he had played with him there.

  • NinjaZX6R

    When Hot Rod goes to the HoF…what team does he go with?..also is he allowed to chose the team?