Moss Trade in the Works?

Ian Logue
October 5, 2010 at 9:23 pm ET

Jay Glazer reported Monday night that the Patriots are reportedly in talks with the Vikings about a potential trade that would send wide receiver Randy Moss out to Minnesota.

According to the report, Glazer says the deal is contigent upon Moss working out a contract with the Vikings, and all sides are still trying to hammer out the contract – citing a Patriots source.

Twitter is buzzing right now with different reports from the local media, with most reporting that no one is shooting it down, leading most to feel something is up.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald also Tweeted that “I am told a trade is not ‘done.’ I have not been told a trade is not being discussed. So yes, one is being discussed for Moss and the [Vikings]”.

Rapoport also reported that the Patriots claim, “there is no trade.”  Which is to be expected, as they’re obviously not going to confirm anything.

Another guy who has a good relationship with Bill Belichick, Michael Lombardi, Tweeted that, “I think there is smoke here with the Moss to [Minnesota] rumors, but I know the Pats have not given Moss permission to talk [about] a new deal with anyone.”

So it appears something is in the works.  We’ll have more as it becomes available.

  • My instant reaction is that I don’t like the idea of trading Moss. To me, it makes you a lesser team by far. I understand all the ideas of getting value for a guy that you could likely lose after the season and building for the future. What about winning today? The team is coming off a huge win on the road against a division rival. Now we are tied for the division and could be at that special point where a postseason run is built. How will Tom Brady feel about this? This is the Richard Seymour trade all over again. Maybe I’ll feel different when the terms of the trade come out, if it happens, but it doesn’t look promising. The Patriots have no one to replace Moss right now or in the future. This is just another HUGE hole to fill next April in the draft. But like I said before, before I make a final judgement, I have to see what we would be getting in return for Moss. And if reports are true that it would be a 3 round pick…. LAUGHABLE… An All-pro perennial pro-bowl WR who is the best deep ball receiver in the history of the NFL. 3rd rounder?! I know BB can do better than that

  • Bill and Randy man up. No trade!

  • Paul Chrystopher

    Patriots might possibly also be working on one of 2 moves in conjunction with the Moss move…
    Vincent Jackson from the Chargers or Roy Williams from Dallas in a package deal that would send Mankins to the Cowboys.

  • Icarus Fob

    Indeed, with the possible exception of Curtis Martin, Corey Dillon is the should be at the top of the No. 28 list. The Patriots won a Super Bowl with an offense largely built around his running ability. Seems like a serious omission.