More on Moss – He and Belichick Reportedly ‘Had Words’ Tuesday

Ian Logue
October 5, 2010 at 9:50 pm ET

As the Randy Moss rumors continue to swirl, Gary Tanguay of Comcast Sports New England gave us more details after he reported Tuesday night via Twitter that Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss showed up unhappy at the stadium and apparently let head coach Bill Belichick know about it.

“Sources say Moss showed up unhappy today,” Tweeted Tanguay. “He and BB had words. He is gone to Vikes if he and Minn workout a new deal.”

Moss had his 51 game streak with a reception as a member of the Patriots snapped Monday night against the Dolphins.  Moss said afterwards that his lack of receptions was “part of the game plan”, but he clearly didn’t look happy on the sidelines at the end of this one and didn’t appear to be smiling after Belichick came over and high-fived him at the end of the game.

Take that for what it’s worth, but Moss has made it clear he feels unappreciated and is obviously frustrated about the fact that he hasn’t received a contract extension.  One would think finishing a game without a catch didn’t make him happy.

Now it appears that not only was his streak of games with a reception snapped, but possibly his tenure in New England.  With the Patriots in their bye week if they’re going to move him, now would be the time.  Unfortunately the only problem is they really don’t have anyone to step in and replace him.

Needless to say this story continues to become more interesting.  We’ll have updates as we learn more.

  • mike

    wow best news a Jets fan could ever here…AFC east champs for sure now

  • Bill and Randy Man UP! Trade rumors canceled!

  • Donna Smith

    Kep dreaming Jets fan–your QB is stillwet benind the ears–your riding soly on your defense!
    Our Coach is the best in NFL–I think it was a dumb move totally but u now us pats we always bounce back.