Patriots Rookies Visit Children’s Hospital

Ian Logue
June 18, 2009 at 10:23 am ET

The New England Patriots rookies visited the Children’s hospital yesterday in Boston, reaching out to young children who are being treated there at that facility. According to their post on Twitter it was a “Great Day”, and by the looks of some of the photos posted it looks like they certainly had a good time. 

The Patriots also just told Dave Suraski (aka: PatJew in our forum) a few minutes ago via Twitter that the entire rookie class was on hand yesterday, and that it was the first time the team has had the whole class make such a visit.  The good news is they also said, “it won’t be the last.”

  • bevanmanson

    Good article. Keep Mathis away from Brady, control the tempo and TOP with Blount, Ridley, Boldin, and Vereen.

  • VinnyFromIndy

    Reading the N.E. press one would think that the NFL should just award the victory to the Pats right now. The hubris is quite breathtaking. Hopefully, all of the Pats organization will continue to think about a potential Broncos or SD matchup and take their focus off of the Colts. The Colts are giant killers. The have beaten the best NFL teams in the league this year some of them road games.

    This game is not going to be as easy for the Pats as many in New England apparently believe.

  • dassa0069

    Chandler Jones inside Andrew Luck’s jersey.