Moss Comments On Brady’s Injury

Ian Logue
September 7, 2008 at 6:04 pm ET

Wide receiver Randy Moss was the only one who offered any quotes of value about the extent of quarterback Tom Brady’s injury, and listening to Moss it appears Brady may not be on the field next weekend against the New York Jets.
When asked about the performance of back-up quarterback Matt Cassel, Moss offered up a quote that made it seem like Cassel will be the one throwing him passes again next Sunday. 
“Matt Cassel had a hell of a game,” said Moss during his postgame press conference.  “Hopefully he can pick up next week where he left off.”
Needless to say it sounds like Brady will be out next week after the knee injury he suffered during the first quarter of Sunday’s 17-10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.  Brady was injured after the Chiefs Bernard Pollard hit his leg on a pass to Moss.  It’s a play Moss says he didn’t see at the time, but after watching the replay it has him concerned.
“Anytime you have a key guy go down, it hurts,” said Moss.  “I just saw the play (on replay) and it kind of looked bad.  So like I said I don’t know his injury, I don’t know what happened, how long the injury’s going to affect him or what it may be.  But he wasn’t out there for the rest of the game and I think anytime that something like that happens there is a concern.”

  • what do i think?say a prayer for tom ,that’s all we can do for now.yeah,even though it looked bad.1.brady walked off under his own power2.i saw a closeup on the was in his leg pit,which is behind the knee,not on the kneecap itself,or the sides which is where poor carson palmer got hit in the playoffs against pittsburgh.just who are all these speculators?has anything been confirmed yet?-no!don’t listen to these all brain-dead evil media androids.especially the new york ones.screw the post!don’t ever buy that rag.while i know the patriots are notorius for keeping info tightly wrapped in their bunker,with good could be a sprain,which could be a month/six weeks.even though brady was said to have would too if two rhinos fell on yours leg hurts temporarily.tom’s always been an iron man(tough guy) like peyton,or farve.please guys don’t let the jets or buffalo win the division.that would be too hard to take.please stop thinking/wishing for the season to be over&that he’s injured just to prove yr. predictions/prognostications right.injured or not ,don’t even think about a tear,or this,or’s time for this defense(which looked good,by the way) buckle yr. chinstraps.stop feeling sorry for yourselves,and take yr. vengence out on the league.who would like nothing better for the patriots to be finished.don’t let it happen.are you listening rodney?hopefully.guys gotta step up &kick major do you know that cass(cassel) isn’t the guy
    to come off the bench,and lead em’ to the promised land.he’s still a mystery.even though he looked good yesterday.there’s no telling how good until he strings together a bunch of wins,and increase his confidence weekly.the chris simms signing would be excellent too.maybe bring back gutteirez,john the kids,crable,guyton,redd more.until everyone hears a definite from team physicians yr. just all pissing in the wind.take it out on the jets who are for sure salivating right now.have this super-pats fans faith that tommy will be healed,and support cass for now.that’s all we can do.we love tom in new,being former bostontian/cantonian.i hate the new york teams.always have.they all suck.keep the faith.suspend/fine that mediocre piece of crap pollard.have to show the league that you can’t take cheap-shot runs at the best quarterback in the league /kick ass.that’s all we can do.remember the 1st super bowl?it was accomplished by game/clock management/the power running game&the defense steppin’ up.we still have the greatest coach/management/running back depth/best wide receivers/the best defense/good offensive line.let’s play hardball till’ the gun sounds.just my two cent rant.hope you read this in beantown,all the best in 2008/09.go pats! (rob in n.y.c.)