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As The Ball Bounces: Week 13

Bob George
Bob George on Twitter
Dec 2, 2003 at 5:00am ET

How good is Olindo Mare? Look at who was cut to make room for the Dolphin kicker. None other than Pete Stoyanovich, who was perhaps a better kicker than Mare at the time. From 1989 to 1995, Stoyanovich hit on 176 of 220 field goal attempts for an 80 percent average. He went on to Kansas City, and hit on 91 of 111 treys over the next four years (an 82 percent clip; he was 53 of 59 in 1997 and 1998 combined, a 90 percent rate). Mare did put together two terrific years (he topped the 90 percent mark in both 2000 and 2001), but has slipped off the last two seasons. But Stoyanovich seemed like he should have been a Fish lifer, and he leads off this week by booming one clear out of the end zone. Take that, Olindo baby.

Never mind talent. When Dan Marino proclaims on the CBS pregame show, "Michael, you really need to play!", Mr. Vick ought to be deeply ashamed of himself.

Then he should be made to watch how Drew Bledsoe handles playing while hurt, and be even more ashamed.

Actually, David Carr gave a good essay on that subject as Vick's opponent on Sunday.

One national write-up called the Patriots "lucky". And the ignorance continues.

Ask Edgerrin James how lucky the Patriots were.

Or, better yet, ask Willie McGinest.

What do Ken Walter and the San Diego Chargers have in common?

They both simply stink.

Whoever plays the Bengals in the playoffs, the opposing running back need be put on notice.

The last time Cincy played a playoff game, Bo Jackson suffered a career-ending injury.

With Chad Pennington back, the Jets make their 5-7 record look like someone goofed at the league stats office.

And the Patriots had better hunker down for a tough game when they head for Exit 16-W in three weeks.

Tom Brady will get away with one or two costly interceptions only so long.

Bill Belichick most certainly did not own Peyton Manning this past weekend.

Seems that only those people in south Florida know that Miami won on Thursday. That's what happens when you put Bill Parcells in Big D.

Geek of the week: Here's hoping more NFL coaches will follow Tony Dungy's lead and kick off to Bethel Johnson when they should never think of such a thing.

Someone tell Dick Albert, Bruce Schwoegler, Todd Gross and Kevin Lemanowicz to order up a lot of cold weather for this Sunday.

A little snow wouldn't hurt, either.

But at least make it frigid, guys.

The Steelers lose at home to Cleveland, and Kordell Stewart lights it up for Da Bears. Happy Thanksgiving, Steel City.

Thems knows think that the Giants quit Sunday against Buffalo, and quit early on. That's usually a mortal blow to a coach's job security, though it's hard to believe that Jim Fassel caused that to happen.

Anyone need a quarterback? Ask the Rams. You can have Kurt Warner.

Nothing against Fox's nice pregame piece on Thursday regarding Packer assistant coach Ray Sherman. But Fox turned this contest into Green Bay Packer Football, and did next to nothing to prep the game for Lions' fans.

That makes that Detroit win doubly sweeter.

Back to school: Man, that's tough. You go 58-19 over six years and you get fired because of mediocrity? What exactly did Nebraska expect from Frank Solich? Not even Tom Osborne was perfect.

How about Rush Limbaugh as team MVP for the Eagles this year?

Bethel Johnson and Deion Branch have a lot in common.

Both were decried when they were drafted. Too small. Reaches. Projected in lower rounds.

Add this to that list: Both are going to be darned good NFL receivers, if they aren't already.

Gulp. Daniel Graham and Kevin Faulk blocked Dwight Freeney better than Matt Light did.

Anyone who installs the Jets as division favorites next year is not, repeat not, insane. What will that team be like if Pennington actually plays the full 16 games?

This was supposed to be throwback weekend? Thanks to the Lions for being the only team to go along with it.

They say that Indianapolis has an improved defense every time the Patriots play them, yet for the second meeting in a row we hit them with a 38-spot.

Colt Nation thinks that the game has passed offensive coordinator Tom Moore by.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers handled the Keyshawn Johnson situation perfectly. Even Rich McKay's explanation to Al Michaels was as smooth as the pudding you had for dessert on Thursday.

Remember him: They had to name the "53" defense after someone. That was the Miami defense which saw such great success during their 1972 perfect season. Who was that someone? If you said Bob Mathieson, call the Miami Herald and ask them for a job.

If the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl this year, they will look back and point to Willie McGinest's tackle on James as the play of the year.

So far.

Nice job Sunday night, Byron Leftwich. Mr. Belichick will take due notice.

Okay, here's your "Honey do" list for this coming Sunday.

Go Patriots.

Go Broncos.

Go Bengals. Draft position, of course.

There. Now take off and ask your Almighty for record low temps this weekend and bundle up.

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