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Stalemate may lead to no entry to Pats HoF for Raymond Clayborn

John Morgan
April 12, 2017 at 8:30 pm ET

I just read this disheartening Mike Reiss article from his espnBoston blog:

Logjam among senior candidates for Patriots’ Hall leads to stalemate

Arguably the biggest surprise of Wednesday’s New England Patriots Hall of Fame Nomination Committee meeting was the stalemate among voters between senior candidates Raymond Clayborn (cornerback) and Leon Gray (offensive tackle).

The column goes on to point out how difficult it is for older players such as Clayborn and Gray to gain entrance to the Patriots Hall of Fame, because fan voting inevitably results in younger, more recently retired players winning that popularity contest.

In regards to the ten-person senior committee, a nominee has to receive at least 80% of the votes. Neither side wanting Clayborn or Gray backed down, so neither got enough votes. Fred Marion and Ron Burton were the other nominees.

Reiss has a rather ominous speculation for those of us that have lobbied not only for Clayborn, but for more consideration and genuine opportunity for those that were part of the franchise prior to 2000.

It sparks the question of whether either will break the 80 percent senior threshold in the coming years to earn induction.

Is it time to change the process for Patriots Hall of Fame?

The time has come to at least reconsider the entire process for enshrinement to the Patriots Hall of Fame. It was a nice gesture by Robert Kraft to include fans by having them vote for the three finalists. That process however has proven to be flawed. The most recently retired players are fresh in people’s minds, and garner more votes. Older players don’t stand a chance of recognition.

Maybe the roles should be reversed. Have fans vote for the nominees, with a maximum number on the players and/or coaches from each decade. Then send those nominations to the entire committee to be pared to three finalists. Have the entire committee reconvene and vote on the winner. Make the whole process transparent by making the votes public.

We already waited too long for Houston Antwine, Jim Nance, Julius Adams and Chuck Fairbanks to be honored publicly, before they passed away. Let’s not let that happen again with Raymond Clayborn and other Patriot legends.

VIDEO: Giants Fans Get Violent With Patriots Fans After Preseason Game

Ian Logue
September 8, 2016 at 6:00 am ET

Some people might say that preseason games don’t mean much, but that didn’t stop things from taking a violent turn down in New Jersey last week when the Patriots visited the Giants in the preseason finale.

In the game the Giants handed the Patriots their first loss of the exhibition season, beating New England 17-9 at MetLife stadium.

It should have been a happy time for Giants fans, but things still took a wrong turn outside the stadium, with a group of fans getting involved in a violent scuffle that was caught on video.

(Warning: NSFW, Language, Violent Content:)

Obviously given the fact the only two Super Bowl loss of the Bill Belichick era came at the hands of the Giants, clearly there’s no love lost between the two fan bases.  But violence after a preseason game seems pretty pointless, and it’s certainly something that you never like to see regardless of how it was started or what was said.