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TRANSCRIPT: All Of Tom Brady’s Comments on “The Shop Interrupted”

Ian Logue
Ian Logue on Twitter
2 years ago at 1:00 pm ET
Posted Under: 2021 NFL Offseason

TRANSCRIPT: All Of Tom Brady’s Comments on “The Shop Interrupted”Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I took some time to transcribe Tom Brady’s comments during HBO’s recent, “The Shop Interrupted”, which featured Tom Brady, Chelsea Handler, Kid Cudi, Draymond Green, Maverick Carter and Paul Rivera.

For anyone who missed it, here are the full comments from Brady from that episode.

From the promo, along with the follow-up comments:

“There was a story in free agency, one of the teams, they were interested, and then all of a sudden, they weren’t interested at the very end,” said Brady.  “I was sitting there thinking, you’re sticking with that m—–f—–? Are you serious?”

“Tom probably had no desire to go to that team, but now, it’s like, “why don’t you want me?,” said Rivera.

“Absolutely,” said Brady.  “When I look back, I’m like, I think no f—-n way I would have went to that team, but they said they didn’t want me and I know what means, I know what that feels like and I’m going to f–k you up because of that.”

For anyone wondering what else was said, here’s the entire transcript of his bits from the episode:

When the cast joked, “Tom, you keep winning for f—-n forever…”

“That’s not happening, not forever, no.  We’re coming to the end…it’s coming to the end.”

When told he didn’t look like it was coming to an end ‘at all’:

“So much of it for me is about, having perspective.  After a while, you go, ‘holy s–t, like, what happened?  There was times where, yeah, I was young and really enjoyed the moment of sports and then thought, after we won our third Super Bowl, I was really young, 25, I made some comment like, ‘man maybe there’s more to life than this’.  And then we didn’t win a Super Bowl for 10-years and I was like, ‘F–k man, this is really hard’.  And then the next time we won the Super Bowl was like the most amazing experience of my life because I had [the] perspective of not doing well and then, you know, taking it for granted when it did go well, and then realizing at this moment, ‘Oh, my God, that was like, impossible.”

On the most recent parade:

“It was fun.  I had been in the Northeast for twenty years you know, so it’s like freezing cold.  Every time we won, it was like 38 and you were freezing.  By the end of the parade, you were like, ‘Get me home’.  This, we’re out on a boat, it’s 85 degrees, we’re drinking tequila all day and I’ve got the Super Bowl trophy in my hand, I’m in my boat, Chelsea [points to her] is where the other boat is, and I’m like, ‘I’m going to throw it to my boys over there.’

“So I throw it, and the bottom of this trophy is sharp, I mean, it could have gone so bad.”

On the fact people on his boat were telling him it was a bad idea:

“That was my daughter.  So she’s 8-years old at the time and she goes, ‘Daddy, daddy no, no, no, no, no!”

On what it’s like being the ‘most judged athlete’ in the world and where does the confidence come from?

“At this point, I’ve had a lot of experience and I think for me, I was very blessed to have the right people come into my life at the right time.  Alex [Guerrero], my great friend, my brother, you know, he’s out here with me today, I was struggling with how to take care of my body.  I wanted to play sports, but my body hurt all the time.  My right elbow hurt every time I threw, so I started working with them and all the pain in my elbow went away.”

“I take care of my body so that, when I go on the field, it’s actually feeling great because every athlete loves to feel great.  I see all these NBA guys getting hurt all the time.  In my mind, I’m thinking, it’s so easy.  You just, no offense, you don’t have to run that far, you know what I mean?  There’s not a lot of contact.  You’ve got nice comfortable shoes on, you know what I mean?  It’s nice climate all the time.  Man, if I was a basketball player, I always thought, “Lebron, man if he felt 100% every night, it would be scary.  I’ve been very fortunate to feel, not always 100%, but close to that.”

Draymond Green on that comment: “I think there’s always, you see it from your perspective, and we’ll see it from our perspective.  What we see as a basketball player is, well as a football player, I don’t have to be in as great of shape because you stop after every play.  You can get caught on a basketball court and be running for seven minutes straight without a timeout back and forth.”

“By the way, I’m not getting out there on a f—-n football field.  I’m good on that.”

On a previous comment where LeBron James pointed out that football players don’t have to play both offense and defense:

“I’m not a big comparison person like that, because it really just depends on what style you like.  You could say, ‘Well, you may be the most accomplished, I would say like, ‘OK, yeah, I’ve won a lot of games, Super Bowls and so forth, but my style of play might not fit everybody else’s, what their view of that position should be.  I can really just be the best  with the body that I was given.”

“There’s certain things that I certainly cannot do and I had the awareness to realize, ‘O.K., I can’t do those things.  You can’t do everyone else’s job.  I can’t block, tackle, run, catch.  Sure as hell can’t run, but I can throw the s–t out of the ball, so let me just do that.  Let me do that really well and I think if I can do that, then the team, certainly, could use me for that.”

On his thoughts on Green holding back comments in interviews to not get fined:

“As long as I’ve watched you play, I can’t imagine you don’t say what you think.  I think, ‘Wait a minute, you’re holding back?  What else is in there?”

Green’s response:

“You’d be shocked.  I’ve learned how to tailor it a little bit, you’d be shocked, Tom.”

On if there are moments where he’d like to be like Green and say what he really thinks and take the fine:

“What I say vs what I think are two totally different things.  I would say 90% of what I say is probably not what I’m thinking which is challenging, you know?  I really admire people that actually can do that and say what they think because they invite a lot of other things into their life.  I think there’s part of me that doesn’t like conflict, so in the end, I just always try to play it super flat.”

“From a strategic standpoint, I never want to give away, like, what we’re doing.  I usually say the opposite.  If they’ve got a sh—y corner, I’ll be like, ‘That guy’s unbelievable.  I don’t even know how they complete balls over there.’ In my mind, I’m thinking, ‘I’m going to light that m—–f—– up all-day.  Because I don’t want to give them any…and then when it comes to other things, I think there’s part of it that’s – so much is giving other people your power, you know?  Like, why can what Chelsea say really affect me?  In my view, it shouldn’t, or else, you have power over me based on what you say.”

“I try to think a lot before I speak.  Some people, like my wife, for example, she just let’s it come out.  It’s like foom, and it’s out, and I’m like, ‘Holy s–t’ and you know what? She’s right.  Her instincts and her nature is usually right with a lot of the things that she says and thinks and I’m always like, ‘How does she do that because I’ve got to think about it for five or ten minutes and think, ‘How do I really deal with this particular situation or answer because I don’t want to say something that in the end, I’ll be like, ‘(sighs)…I wish I had said something different.”

On his thoughts on Naomi Osaka:

“You feel for the 22-year olds that are in the position that, look, there’s a lot of things happening in their life.  We all go through things, I went through a lot of things in my late teens, early 20s, I didn’t know how to deal with a lot of things that were coming in because there was no training guide with how to deal what was happening in my life, you know?  Now as someone who is twice her age, you have compassion and empathy for that and then you hope that she can deal with that.  Because you wouldn’t want that to take away…if her true joy is playing tennis, you don’t want something like that taking away from what her joy should be.”

“Marshawn Lynch, that was the most beautiful thing, ‘I’m just here so I don’t get fined.’  You know what I mean?  He put no mental energy into any question and he didn’t get fined for that.  It was a very hard thing to do and there’s so many times where I’m like,  Oh, I wish I could just go, ‘I’m just here…’  I mean, I’ve said that 50 times and you know, never done it.  One day I’ll do it before I retire.”

On if he feels like he has that freedom:

“No, definitely not.  No, because I think you’re in an enterprise, and I’m an employee of that enterprise, you know?  I’m not my own entrepreneur where I can make my own individual choices and I think I’ll get there at some point where I can and then I’ll choose to, you know…but you’re still in this structured system so you’ve got to feel like you’ve got to play by, at least, I have to play by their rules.  So there’s definitely times where you don’t want to play by the rules.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The above transcription of Tom Brady’s Comments on “The Shop Interrupted” also appeared in our Sunday notes column)

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