Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At Super Bowl XXXVIII And The 2003 Patriots

Robert Alvarez
January 30, 2020 at 10:34 pm ET

What is there to do during a Super Bowl week when the Patriots aren’t involved?

How about look back at one of their memorable championship runs from the early years of the dynasty?

The 2003 Patriots were a force on defense, punishing teams on their way to a 14-2 regular season and a perfect home record.

The “homeland defense” held opponents to a league low 14.9 points per game while also leading the NFL in interceptions and sacks.

In the playoffs, the Patriots knocked off co league MVP’s Steve McNair and Peyton Manning on their way to Houston with their defense again leading the way.

However come the Super Bowl, it would be their offense that stole the show.

On the NFL Throwback Twitter account Thursday, clips from Super Bowl XXXVIII made an appearance in what will go down as one of the most memorable shootouts in Super Bowl history.

After a defensive battle that led to no scoring for the first 27 minutes, the game turned into an unlikely offensive explosion over the remaining 33.

Take a look back at Tom Brady’s second Super Bowl MVP performance during a back and forth affair with Steve Smith and the Cinderella Carolina Panthers who gave the Patriots all they could handle.