Edelman Proves His Importance After Super Bowl MVP-Worthy Outing

Ian Logue
February 4, 2019 at 2:09 am ET

Whether or not Rob Gronkowski returns next season will likely be a problem the Patriots might eventually need to deal with, but Sunday night reminded us that having Julian Edelman around at least makes any issues they may have a little easier to deal with.

Edelman came up big on Sunday night, putting together one of his best performances when they needed it most, with the veteran receiver catching 10 passes on 12 targets for 141-yards, seven of which came in the first half.

He was a big key in this one, with Edelman coming up with several big plays, finishing with three catches of 25-yards or more. He was also big for Brady on third down, with the veteran targeting him 5 times with three receptions and three first downs.

It was another big night for Edelman, who was also an important part in each of their previous two recent Super Bowl victories, one of which came without Rob Gronkowski during the 2016/17 postseason. Edelman wasn’t part of last February’s loss to Philadelphia after missing it with a knee injury, with the Patriots now 3-0 in the last three Super Bowls where he’s been healthy.

The veteran also earned his first Super Bowl MVP thanks to his performance, but he credited the defense for the win after the incredible night they put together.

Nevertheless, it’s an honor that he can now add to his resume. With the parade now scheduled for Tuesday in Boston, Edelman is asking for “record numbers” now that “we just got six [championships]”.