Brady: This Isn’t the First Time Jersey Has Been Stolen

Ian Logue
February 6, 2017 at 10:55 pm ET

Given the amount of security at the Super Bowl, you would think that players could feel safe walking around their own locker rooms without having to worry about their belongings being stolen the moment they walk away.

But according to several reports, Tom Brady saw his jersey get swiped by someone after the locker room was opened up to the media following Sunday night’s improbable come-from-behind win over Atlanta.

However, if that wasn’t bad enough, according to Brady, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“Yeah, someone stole my jersey,” Brady told WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan during his weekly radio appearance.  “I put it in my bag and I went in to take my eye black off and they had opened it up to the media and then I walked back to my bag, and it was gone.  The same thing happened two years ago.  That sucks, but oh, well.”

There was no follow up about whether or not the previous theft had resulted in a recovery, but it sounds like the NFL needs to get a serious handle on increasing security in the locker room given the fact this is clearly a reoccurring issue.  Bill Belichick has mentioned in the past that for a league so flush with cash, you wouldn’t think that they’d have to hold a bake sale to finance some extra security guards to at least make sure the players don’t have to worry about someone coming in and swiping their belongings, especially immediately after the game.

NFL Media reporter Ian Rapoport did tweet a photo of a couple of fans who may be behind the theft, although there has yet to be any confirmation that these were the culprits.

For now, the league told Rapoport, “We have been looking into this disappointing matter and will continue to assist law enforcement authorities.”