Miserable Night For Tim Tebow Against Buccaneers

Ian Logue
August 17, 2013 at 1:42 am ET

Quarterback Tim Tebow had a forgettable performance Friday night. (USA TODAY Images)

When Tim Tebow hit the field in the 3rd quarter during the Patriots first home exhibition game Friday night, he was met with quite the ovation from a home crowd that was probably hoping for a little excitement to make the final half a little more interesting.

Well, Tebow made it interesting.  Just for all the wrong reasons.

He struggled from the start. On Tebow’s first two series New England’s offense went three-and-out, but it was his third series that will likely keep people talking this week.

Following a rush for no gain by running back Brandon Bolden, Tebow found himself facing a 2nd and 10 at their own 25 yard line.  As we know, one of the things that head coach Bill Belichick isn’t a fan of is when one of his own players turns the ball over in their own end.  However, with his team up by just seven at 25-18, Tebow dropped back to throw and was looking for wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins.  He fired the ball downfield but overthrew him badly, with the football sailing high and right into the hands of Buccaneers defensive back Mason Robinson.

Fortunately Tampa Bay couldn’t capitalize and had to settle for a field goal, but that play more or less encapsulated a forgettable evening for Tebow.

Overall he finished 1-of-7 for -1 yards and his interception.  A pretty staggering stat line for a guy who had seemed a lock to make New England’s roster.  Now he may be fighting to stick around when the team makes their final cuts in the coming weeks.

After the game he told WEEI.com’s Christopher Price that right now he’s just “fighting to get better”.

Time is starting to run out, so it seems he may need to fight a little harder over these final two games if he’d like to give himself a chance to be part of this team for the upcoming season.

  • staspeterson

    All he is confirming is that no one else will pick him up from the Belichick/McDaniel Shadow Roster.

  • Christopher

    what I don’t get, is 1)the two awful snaps Tebow had to deal with. No one seems to be mentioning that 2)The short set (which I believe was called) on the interception. The hell was that? Let Tebow play…OR…that’s Tebow showing zero football awareness with the 2 step drop, yet throwing it like it was a 7-step. 3)one route was either Tebow or the wideout’s fault, as the wideout kept going & Tebow threw a comeback.

  • karnak58

    1) I agree with you, the snaps were pretty bad and TT did a good job catching them
    2) Tebow threw the ball to no one in a blue shirt. The closest player was Thompkins, but the ball was behind him and way over his head. If you look at the play, it was possible to complete the pass but it had to be a throw in a very tight window, a throw Brady might have completed – but would never attempt.
    3) The defender had leverage, the receiver did the right thing by going up the field. The throw was simply atrocious.