Will We See Mankins Soon?

Ian Logue
October 8, 2010 at 6:25 pm ET

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald had an interesting blog entry this afternoon on Patriots guard Logan Mankins, who continues to hold out due to a contract dispute.

Rapoport spoke to his agent, Frank Bauer, and asked him if Mankins would report in week 10 and play in the final six games of the season.  His answers were interesting, especially when asked about the status of their negotiations. 

Who knows?” Bauer told me last night when asked if Mankins would report. “Who knows? He may. He may not. You may see him tomorrow… (laughing) It is what it is, whatever happens, happens. Whatever falls, I’m always ready.”
Wait, I asked, tomorrow? Are you guys still talking?
I can’t say,” Bauer said. “No comment.
I stopped him and asked what that really means. Is that an indication both sides are back involved and talking? He quickly clarified.
No, ain’t nothing happening,” Bauer said. “Nothing’s happening.”

Interesting that Bauer would say that, and then go on to say, “Nothing’s happening.”  Some reports had indicated that things have improved between the two sides and that we could eventially see him back in the fold before the season is over.  I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out.

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  • charlie

    Really hoping Logan gets traded. As much as I like him on the Patriots and respect his principles, he and the Team need to move on.

    If both sides can get settled with a new player in the Patriots case, a new Team in Logan’s case, believe that would be the best solution at this point.

    Both sides need to let it go and move on.

  • Patriot Gnome

    I agree with Charlie. If Mankins was traded, I would make the trade for a 2012 draft choice(s). I believe the Patriot Organization have enough draft choices for 2011.:
    1st – 2
    2nd – 2
    3rd – 2
    4th – 2
    5th – 1
    6th – 1
    7th – ATL – Quinn Ojinnaka, OL

    10 selections

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