Saturday Patriots Headlines

Ian Logue
June 12, 2010 at 9:34 am ET

A quiet Saturday morning here in New England, but here are a few of the headlines from this morning:

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald offers up a look at owner Robert Kraft, who is looking to help land the World Cup in the US in 2018.

“I think the next time it comes to the U.S., it’ll be unbelievable,” said Kraft, who saw the old Foxboro Stadium host an Italy-Spain quarterfinal and five other matches in 1994. “I have the privilege of being on the bid committee, so you know I’m going to lobby to be as close to the final as we can be.”

Boston is one of 18 cities looking to host, and nine would be named as sites.

Tired of talking about Brady’s contract situation?  Let’s take some time and moan and groan now about his interaction with Kobe Bryant at the Celtics game the other night.  That’s an article that appeared in the Herald this morning, focusing on fan reactions from that scene in Boston following their game 3 loss against the Lakers.

Meanwhile the Patriot Ledger talks to Derrick Burgess,who after the final game of the ’09/’10 season put his home up for rent, and is now need of a new place to live.  Burgess re-signed to a one-year contract worth a potential $1.65 million last month.

New England cut former Central Michigan wide receiver Bryan Anderson, and Central Michigan Life gives you a look at how they’re taking it locally after seeing one of their guys cast off by the Patriots.

Finally Mike Reiss of ESPN offers a look at the Logan Mankins contract situation, and offers up his take on the situation.

But in the Patriots’ case, it is my opinion that they would be making a mistake if they reduced Mankins’ salary. Such an action could threaten some of the “locker-room chemistry” momentum they created this offseason by aggressively re-signing their own free agents (the Patriots and Mankins have not found a middle ground in contract-extension talks).

That’s it for this morning.  Hope everyone has a good day and we’ll see you in the morning.

  • redsoxmaniac

    I see McCourtey situation as something where I think they take a good base and possibly do a 30% prorate. I don’t see them starting off small, since if they are set on McCourty as a long-term option then it may mean Revis just won’t be.

    a 5-year 48 million with 16 million bonus and a 3rd year base guaranteed at end of 2016 would be sensible. They could do (base/bonus) – 4/3 , 4/3, 6/3, 7/3, 11/3. McCourtey getting a possible base guarantee along with 33% of his conract upfront would make him more likely to swat away bigger contracts with smaller upfronts.

    Number also makes it malleable that he is underpaid enough for 2015 that they won’t have to abandon ship on depth. Because his number is going to be high on tagging anyway, I’m sure the Patriots are either really hoping to keep him or keep their eye open for 2015 for a replacement.

    We saw this in the past when the Pats tagged Welker, but there were already rumors abound about Amendola coming to us once McDaniels returned to NE. Patriots don’t use the tag to hold fort and plan an extension but to delay long-term view of a position and to price the market for replacements. Not sure if anyone has been tagged with the Pats and been with them more than 1-2 years after.

    By this point, McCourty taking a small or big base won’t matter for the Patriots outlook for how they sign other players, but it will for how much of the cap he will command toward the end of the contract.

    By giving McCourtey a good starting base, a guaranteed base after 2016, and 33% upfront it can lure him back.

    This helps the Patriots since his last year will be the restructure year. They can price him low enough to bring him back and 3 million less than what they can do with franchise tag. They also have low dead money in the final two years in the event they want to save million in 18 or 10 million in 19 on the cap through trade or outright cut.

    Patriots don’t kick the can down the path too far, and usually only do it for very few players on the team. With the upcoming 2016 cap increase, now is the time to tie up some players who might splash too hard in the market next year. Signing anyone next year is going to be much harder, so look for them to front up cash to get good cap value for McCourtey now. I just don’t see 10 million and a tiny 1st year base only to clog his restructure year as a cap weight to justify him staying. And I don’t see the Patriots needing a year to want him/let him go. Look for this proposal to be put out quickly and getting him off the market as quickly as possible.