11 Fans Are All That Welcomed the Colts Home

Ian Logue
February 8, 2010 at 10:39 pm ET

Talk about a “passionate” fan base.  All of 11 fans made the trip to greet the Indianapolis Colts at the airport following their Super Bowl loss to the New Orleans Saints.

According to the Indianapolis Star (who called the crowd “sparse”) that little group were apparently the only real fans who decided to take the time to brave the cold weather and appreciate thier AFC Championship season and welcome their team back home.

ARTICLE: Sparse crowd greets Colts on return

So much for a “passionate fan base”.  Even when the Patriots lost to the Giants in stunning fashion, there were still over 200 fans who were on hand to welcome the team home to Foxboro.  Ironic that the Providence Journal also used the term “sparse” when taking about a crowd that was 20 times larger.