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15 Years - And Thanks to You, We're Still Going Strong But We Still Need your Help: is in our 15th season and has grown a lot over the years, and after moving to a dual server configuration to support the forum, hardware upgrades to accommodate some of the ongoing changes with the site are necessary to provide the best experience possible for everyone.

Thanks to your ongoing support over the years, remains as the last independently run site not owned or run by some giant media company. It’s still owned and run by me in my spare time and I work on this place each day before and after I get home from work, including many a late night at times where I’ve had to handle server issues to keep us up and running as we’ve grown, although, thanks to the last time we did an upgrade, those who have been here over the past couple of years have noticed fewer issues than in past years. I also spent this past offseason doing a full redesign to the main part of the site, which now accommodates mobile, tablets, etc. and will soon offer some additional tie-ins and features through your own current forum account here at the site.

But now it’s time for another hardware upgrade and your help is needed. The site is mostly ad-supported via ad networks, as we don’t have local sponsors or a marketing department since, again, it’s just me when it comes to all of the behind the scenes stuff. But with a dedicated dual-server configuration, it’s a costly endeavor with a big bill each month that doesn’t leave much left (and sometimes during the offseason it comes up short) in order to be able to make any major changes when hardware upgrades are needed, or when additional costs come up.

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You can donate $18.00 (basically $1.50 per month) and your account on the forum becomes ad-free and will give you increased capacity in your message inbox, as well as some additional modifications that move subforums around and streamlines your experience here. We also recently renewed an agreement with the team's official ProShop for you to receive a free T-shirt in exchange for your generosity. After you donate, you'll be prompted at the top of the forum to enter your mailing information and t-shirt size.

PayPal is the payment service used for this service, although there’s only one option that actually requires having an account. Otherwise they’re just the merchant who processes the payment and an account with them is NOT required. You can simply pay by credit card like you would for any normal internet purchase.

Here are the options to help out:

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Ian Logue

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