Steelers and Broncos Square Off for Right to Play the Patriots

Derek Havens
January 07, 2012 at 07:49pm ET

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After the Cincinnati Bengals were run over by the Houston Texans on Saturday evening, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos will square off for the right to play in New England on Jan. 14.

For me, the ideal situation was for the Bengals to win and avoid playing the Steelers if they were to beat the Broncos on Sunday. If that were the case, the Steelers and Ravens would beat each other up while the Bengals travel to face the Pats next weekend.

Patriots nation was not so fortunate.

Instead, the Bengals did not look ready for he upstart Texans and Pats fans turn their attention to Denver. Could a Mile High miracle actually take place? It's doubtful, but not impossible.

While I would love to face Tim Tebow and the Broncos one week from today, the Steelers are not going into the playoffs at full strength. Pittsburgh is limping in to the tournament, but obviously no team should sleep on them.

While I expect Pittsburgh to win, one can only hope for a Mile High miracle and perhaps, a little divine intervention. I guess, for that answer, we will have to wait until Sunday's match up.

I would feel confident laying both teams for a second time, but what is your take? How would you feel about either opponent? Leave a comment and share your feelings below!

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