Busy Night For Penalties During Thursday Night’s Game

Ian Logue
August 10, 2012 at 1:15 am ET

There were a total of 16 penalties during Thursday night’s game, 15 of which were accepted.

Here’s how they broke down:

PATRIOTS – 5 Accepted Penalties

K.Arrington – Defensive Holding – Declined
M.Cannon – False Start – Accepted (5-Yards)
M.Cole – Illegal Block Above the Waist (10-yards)
N.Solder –  Offensive Holding (10-Yard)
N.Solder – Offensive Holding (10-Yards)
T.Wilson – Defensive pass inteference (46-Yards)

SAINTS – 10 Accepted Penalties

C.Ivory – Offensive Holding Off (11-Yards)
E.Olsen –  False Start (5-Yards)
F.Tupou – False Start (6-Yards)
I.Abdul-Quddus – Illegal Contact (5-Yards)
J.Bushrod –  Offensive Holding (10-Yards)
J.Bushrod – Offensive Holding (10-Yards)
M.Wilson – Encroachment (5-Yards)
M.Wilson – Running into the Kicker (5-Yards)
S.Miller – Encroachment (4-Yards)
T.Walker – Encroachment (5-Yards)