Patriots Are the Home Team for the Super Bowl, Have their Choice of Jersey Color

Ian Logue
January 22, 2012 at 6:42 pm ET

Regardless of the outcome of the NFC Championship game, the Patriots already have a leg up on the winner.

According to NFL PR Director Brian McCarthy, the Patriots will be the home team in the Super Bowl, and will have the option of wearing either their dark or white jersey when they take the field against the winner of the NFC.

The Patriots have worn their blue jerseys during Super Bowl XXXVI and also in XXXVIII and XLII.  The last time they wore white was back in Super Bowl XXXIX.

  • Richard

    So is there an answer yet? Or will they wear the red alternate jersey?

  • JohnnyPatriot

    I would go with the Red if allowed but no color is going to matter as the Patriots must win this game for Myra!

  • Michael

    I hope not red. Red didn’t go over to big the last time Belichek wore red.

  • Pats Gnome

    The Patriot’s players will be wearing the blue uniforms. The red uniforms are not allowed because they are the teams former uniform colors.