VIDEO: Terrell Suggs Should Be Fined

Ian Logue
October 5, 2009 at 12:00 am ET

Watching Sunday’s 27-21 game against the Baltimore Ravens, I have to say that with just over 5:00 left to go in the first half of play there’s no question that Terrell Suggs clearly had an alterior motive as he dove at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s surgically repaired knee.

Having watched this play repeatedly, it was just obvious he was seeking contact with Brady’s legs.  Ray Lewis can complain all he wants about the penalty (the “shot to the head” penalty I’ll agree was a bit much) – but the one on Suggs was pretty blatant.  If you watch the replay, the ball was gone.  At that point Brady was just standing there when Suggs dove in, which was probably the only reason why he was able to get out of the way.

Steve Burton and Scott Zolak mentioned it in the “5th Quarter” following the game and also feel Suggs will receive a financial penalty for his attempted hit.  I would have to agree.  You can say what you want about the fact Brady pointed at him and made his case immediately to the official, but the fact it happened at all is just ridiculous.

“They can’t go low,” said Brady after the game when asked about it.  “We learned that lesson a few years ago. They threw the flag. They threw a couple flags on our defense too, so it goes both ways out there.”

This hit was in no way similar to the one inflicted by Bernard Pollard last year that caused Brady to have to go through eight months of rehabilitation to work his way back to the football field.  On that play Pollard was blocked to the ground and into Brady’s knee just as he released the football.  Suggs was clearly diving at a guy who had already gotten rid of the football.

Take a look at the video that someone posted on YouTube of the play and judge for yourself. As for me – I have a feeling that Suggs shouldn’t be surprised if he gets a bill from this one:

  • buile

    Well, like any defensive player, he’s seeking contact with the QB. He’s pushed from behind and stumbling. I doubt the feasibility of “pulling up” to not hit Brady while he’s falling. To do so, you have to stop your effort to get to the QB earlier… which is the same as asking these guys to stop playing the game.

    Is it a penalty? Under the new rules, yes, but I think it much to makes claims that we can divine ill-intent.

  • Rick

    He was pushed? Are you drugs? He might have lost balance, but he tried everything in his power to hit Brady in the knees. The video is right there. I watched the replay during the game the 3-4 times they showed it. He even used his elbow when Brady turned out of the way, just to make sure he hit Brady’s knees.

    It was a cheap shot and that loser better be fined.

    Hell, they fined Wilfork and he hit the QB at the waste.

    Above the shoulder, below the knees. Learn it. Live it. It’s the law.

  • nic

    Looks like he may have tripped over 61 leg. I don’t think it was an intentional dive at Brady’s leg. He’s obviously stumbling as he’s coming towards Brady.

  • Adam

    When I first saw the play and the replays I thought it was just an accidental stumble into Brady’s leg and we got lucky with a tickytack foul. On repeated viewings I’m actually coming over to the other side. Suggs was barely pushed by the linebacker, he did not trip over anyone’s legs, and he definately put his arm out to make sure he made contact with the knee before hitting the ground. The play was dirty.

  • Chuck

    I agree that Suggs appeared to be trying to make contact with Brady. I looked at the play many times and it seems evident; he had intent.

  • Joe

    This is the same kind of over reaction you guys blame the Ravens and their fans of having for complaining about the call from their perspective.

  • MDR

    Suggs is right; the NFL has just become a league for soccer players. All Bradey had to to was whine and instruct (demand?) the ref to make a call. Of course, Suggs is trying to make contact with the QB, IT’S HIS JOB! When should he pull-up? Certainly, not when the QB whines that he should. Should Suggs be fined, the NFL should donate the proceeds to Bradey’s diaper fund. He’ll need a lot the rest of his career………..

  • E.A. Poe

    Opinions are great, aren’t they? No surprise a bunch of New England fans would think it was a cheap shot. I guess the Patrisnots are now so lame that they have to rely on the help of referees to win games.

    Pretty Boy turned around and ASKED the ref for the call! Loser!

    If Sizzle wanted to cheap shot Pretty Boy, trust me, he would have flattened him. It was a questionable call at best – check out what Coach Dungee and Rodney Harrison had to say about it, you whiners!

    I so, so, so want Pretty Boy to come to our house in January and play some real football. If, that is, your team can beat the Jets….

  • Mark

    Hey guys, Pats fan here. I don’t know, it does look like he somewhat trips a little. He is charging around 67 at Brady and it looks like he has too much forward momentum and gets ahead of himself and falls. Look at the angle he lands with…away from Brady. I think if he wanted to he could have reached out further to catch Brady’s leg, but instead it looked like he tried to brace his fall. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t matter the rule is the rule and Suggs was near his lower leg and it caused the penalty.

    As for people whining about Brady “begging” for the foul play and getting it, get this: the league imposed this rule, Brady just took advantage of it. Any QB would. If you can get an extra 15 yards because of a rule the league has passed down then why wouldn’t you? This is a business folks, big money. What matters is getting that “W” in the the score column. Many players on many teams try to get the refs on their side it’s part of the game my friends. It’s not “crying” from a pretty boy. Brady has been hit by bigger guys and still gets up and plays.

  • sugsischeap

    Suggs isn’t tripped, pushed, pulled, or otherwise moved by anyone else towards Brady. He is trying to intimidate him by diving for his knees – it’s there for all to see in the video. He even takes a swipe at Brady’s knees with his elbow when it’s clear that Brady is getting out of his way. Suggs must have a screw loose. If you replaced the name Suggs with Wilfork and Brady with Flacco, the Baltimore fans would be screaming for Wilfork’s head.

  • John

    All you Pats fans (with the slight exception of Mark) are little whiners, and you’re imagining things that you want to see. As Suggs comes around Koppen, he is already stumbling headed for the ground. In fact, if you look closely, it’s possible that Koppen grabbed Suggs’s arm with his right hand, which could have intensified the stumble (but I’m not going to say that for sure because I’m not going to whine for a call like Pretty Boy Brady). So Suggs falls, barely grazing Brady’s legs (it is obvious that he his not trying to launch himself at Brady’s legs, especially because, if he was trying to do some damage to Brady’s legs, he’d have done it). You all think he threw an elbow at Brady’s knees, it is 100% clear that he is putting his forearm out to brace his fall – look how he lands on it.

    Then Brady, like the little baby he is, turns and begs for the call. Brady, you are a player, play the game. The refs’ job is to officiate, let them do their job!! I’m just going to put this out there: Joe Flacco gets hit on nearly 100% of the Ravens’ pass plays, never gets a foul called, and never asks for one or complains. And it’s because he doesn’t have the same “superstar status” as QBs like Brady and the Mannings. Why should one quarterback be treated any differently than another? It’s ruining the game, let’s keep this great sport fair! Brady, like Rodney Harrison said: “Take off the skirt and put on some slacks.” This is a real man’s sport, you can’t be afraid to break a nail.